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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Market America Presents-NCAA Football On US Sports Net Featuring: Ohio State upset by Purdue | College Football Highlights

Purdue running back D.J. Knox picks up three touchdowns as the Boilermakers dominate from the beginning to beat No. 2 Ohio State 49-20. [Video below]

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Thursday, April 5, 2018


Lean Trim Diana Here!

Yes, part of weight loss is the food choices we make. I saw a video on what America vs Europe eat for breakfast. Yikes! My weight loss coffee gives me control of what I eat. Does your coffee do that? Just a tip for the day:)

Americans (we treat breakfast as desert):
Donuts, Pastries, Pop Tarts

Sweden - eggs & caviar spread
Iceland - yogart w/nuts and mixed fruits
Spain - olive oil and tomatoes on toast

Here is a list of a few foods we should eat every day:

Garlic- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & antiseptic properties
Tomatoes- rich In Vitamin C
Avocado – Cholesterol
Hemp Seeds – are a complete protein
Cucumbers – hydrate the body
Spinach - anti-inflammatory
Kale – high in iron
Peppers – loaded with antioxidants

Monday, March 12, 2018

Today's Trending Sports Featuring: WATCH: Lonzo Ball utterly fails attempting vicious dunk on US Sports Net

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE - I've Lost 24 lbs.since End of September 2017 Whoop Whoop!

Lean Trim Diana Her!

Boy am I getting Lean and Trim!!! Yesterday I checked my weight and I was down 23 lbs. This morning I am DOWN ANOTHER POUND, 24 lbs. I LOVE MY PRODUCTS!!!

Remember, I started on 1 coffee a day back at the end of September. By October I was down 13 lbs. Then I was losing some inches but the scales didn't change, so that was still ok. I did the 12 in 24 and lost some inches, then went to 1 coffee in am and 1 cocoa in pm with our Keto Creamer. That's when I started seeing more pounds come off. I now changed it up again and I have 1 coffee with our creamer in the morning, I wait at least 1 hr before I eat, sometimes 2 hrs., and about 1 or 2pm I have another coffee with our creamer. And WOW, 24 lbs down. I'm still not really snacking and the coffee helps me control the choices I make so I am eating more healthy and no sugars, no apple fritters any more LOL! I feel great. I am always in a good mood and just feel great!

Let me help you lose weight and get healthy. Put in your info and I will contact you and help you choose product(s) best for you. Remember we have other products like the immune and max spray that help you get healthy. Again, we don't make any medical claims.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE - More on Keto Creamer

Lean Trim Diana Here!

Good Morning! While all of you 8-5 people go off to the races, I get to work from home with our wonderful weight loss coffee and other beverages. I love not having to get up at 4am, drive 45 min. to get to my work job and be there by 6:30am. Funny how I still wake up once in a while at 4am, but I just fall back asleep. My Weight Loss Coffee and beverages are allowing me to help people with their health and the bonus part of it is I earn a residual income and bonuses too!

Here is Nancie's results story ( I've attached our Keto brochure:

UPDATE!! Pictures 2/15/18 and 4/17/17! 40# released (4+ just in last 3 Days) plus 45 inches GONE! Although hard to see in pics, my stomach is almost concave from using our Keto Creamer plus SlimRoast Brazilian/Cocoa Combo! I can’t even wear the sports bra any longer and the shorts slide down, kept having to adjust them to take pics! I’m HORRIBLE AT SELFIES, but my husband says I look Amazing in “real life”! I even went bikini shopping!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

VALENTUS - Prevail Keto Creamer - Benefits

Lean Trim Diana Here!

Lean Trim Diana Here!
Update on my results with our Keto Creamer. Yippee, I lost 1 lb. in 2 days drinking our SlimRoast weight loss coffee and Keto Creamer. Happy Reading!
Ketogenesis is a biological pathway that breaks fats down into form of energy
So, not to get too technical, our creamer is excellent brain fuel and helps you feel full.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Seattle Police, gang unit - incident at 1:03 and Top 25 Cases affecting Municipal Court

[Video below] 6316@20140605214328 Officer Benjamin Hughey

 Top 25 Cases affecting Municipal Court

By: Kenneth Vercammen

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By Kenneth Vercammen, Esq.

No discussion of recent Municipal Court caselaw would be complete without first mentioning the most important case in the past 25 years- State v. Chun 194 NJ 54 (2008). Here the NJ Supreme Court held, subject to certain conditions, the Alcotest breath testing machine is scientifically reliable and that its results are admissible in drunk driving prosecutions. Since Chun is analyzed in other articles in the NJ Lawyer Magazine, the following are the top cases recently decided.

DWI 1. DWI Dismissed Under Speedy Trial Where More than 360 Day Lapse.
State v. Tsetsekas 411 NJ Super 1 
 (App. Div. 2009)
The court reversed the Law Division conviction and required dismissal of the DWI charge due to a violation of defendant's right to a speedy trial. The extensive delay in adjudicating this matter, caused solely by the state's repeated lapses in preparation and the failure to secure its witnesses, infringed on defendant's due process rights.

DWI 2. In DWI case State must provide 20 minute observation of driver prior to breath test by clear and convincing evidence, but arresting officer can testify as part of 20 minutes
State v Ugrovics 410 NJ Super. 482 (App. Div. 2009)
This appeal concerned the admissibility of the results of an Alcotest. By leave granted, the State appealed from the order of the Law Division suppressing the results of the Alcotest because the arresting officer, rather than the Alcotest operator, was the person who observed defendant during the twenty minutes prior to him taking the test. In reaching this conclusion, the trial court relied on what it characterized as the "procedures" mandated by the Supreme Court in State v. Chun 194 N.J. 54 (2008). The court reversed. This Appellate panel held that the State is only required to establish that the test subject did not ingest, regurgitate or place anything in his or her mouth that may compromise the reliability of the test results for a period of at least twenty minutes prior to the administration of the Alcotest. The State can meet this burden by calling any competent witness who can so attest.

DWI 3. No sequestration of defense expert in DWI case
State v. Popovich 405 NJ Super. 392 (App. Div. 2009)
Defendant's conviction is reversed; the trial court erred when it ruled that defendant's expert was subject to a sequestration order and would not permit the expert to watch the trial testimony.

DWI 4. Destruction of Video Tape may Permit DWI Defendant to Vacate Guilty Plea.
State v. Mustaro
 411 NJ Super 91 (App. Div. 2009)
The court considered defendant's appeal from the denial of a post-sentence motion to vacate his plea of guilty to driving while intoxicated. The motion was predicated on a claim that the state withheld exculpatory evidence, but by the time the motion was filed the evidence — a videotape recorded by the camera in the arresting officer's patrol car — had been destroyed through reuse in accordance with the police department's procedures. Applying State v. Parsons, 341 N.J. Super. 448 (App. Div. 2001), and State v. Marshall, 123 N.J. 1, 107-09 (1991), the court concluded that defendant failed to establish that he would not have admitted to driving if he had access to the videotape prior to the plea, and the court further concluded that the denial of his motion was fully consistent with a proper application of the principles set forth in State v. Slater, 198 N.J. 145 (2009).
Refusal 5. Breath Test warnings now must be given in Spanish State v. Marquez ____ NJ _____ (2010) (A-35-09) 7/12/10
In this case involving a conviction for refusing to submit to a chemical breath test, the Court holds that New Jersey’s implied consent law, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.2, and refusal law, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.4a, require proof that an officer requested the motorist to submit to a chemical breath test and informed the person of the consequences of refusing to do so. The statement used to explain to motorists the consequences of refusal must be given in a language the person speaks or understands. Because defendant German Marquez was advised of these consequences in English, and there is no dispute that he did not understand English, his refusal conviction is reversed.

Refusal 6 If not enough breath supplied on Alcotest, officer must read additional warnings
State v. Schmidt 194 NJ Super. 214 (App. Div. 2010)
In this opinion the court hold that (1) the police are required to comply with N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.2(e) by reading the standard language concerning the consequences of a refusal to take an Alcotest (part two of the Standard Statement) when a defendant unequivocally agrees to submit to an Alcotest but then fails without reasonable excuse to produce a valid sample and (2) the police have the discretion to discontinue the Alcotest and charge the arrestee with refusal without affording the arrestee the maximum eleven attempts that the Alcotest machine permits.

Refusal 7. Condo Parking Garage is Quasi-public for Refusal Violation.
State v. Bertrand 408 NJ Super. 584 (App. Div. 2009)
Defendant's conviction for refusing to provide breath samples, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50.2, is affirmed. The parking garage of a high-rise condominium that held 354 cars, and the use of which was restricted to residents of that building, constituted a "quasi-public area" for purposes of the statute.

Refusal 8. Prior refusal counts for 3rd DWI
State v Ciancaglini 411 NJ Super. 280 (App. Div. 2010) cert granted
In this appeal from a DWI conviction, after prior separate DWI and refusal convictions, this Appellate panel disagrees with the holding of State v. DiSomma 262 N.J. Super. 375 (App. Div. 1993), and hold that the prior refusal conviction does count toward making this a third offense. The court feels this holding is consistent with a line of cases both before and after DiSomma concluding that a prior DWI conviction counts toward enhancement of the sentence imposed for a refusal conviction. See, e.g., State v. Tekel, 281 N.J. Super. 502 (App. Div. 1995). The court also held that double jeopardy does not bar reinstatement of the sentence originally imposed in the municipal court for a third DWI offense, which was reduced in the Law Division to a sentence for a first DWI offense.

Refusal 9 Refusal does not merge into DWI
State v Eckert 410 NJ Super. 389 (App. Div. 2009)
A conviction for refusal to submit to a breath examination cannot be merged with a DWI conviction. Such a plea agreement violated applicable merger principles as well as the Court's Guidelines for Operation of Plea Agreements in the Municipal Courts of New Jersey.

Search 10. Car search requires exigent circumstances; No automatic auto exception; Telephonic search warrants approved State v. Pena-Flores 198 NJ 6 (2009)
The Supreme Court affirms its longstanding precedent that permits an automobile search without a warrant only in cases in which the police have both probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence and exigent circumstances that would justify dispensing with the warrant requirement. Whether exigent circumstances exist is to be decided on a case-by-case basis with the focus on police safety and the preservation of evidence. The Court also determines that a warrant obtained by telephonic or electronic means is the equivalent of an in-person warrant and does not require proof of exigent circumstances.

Search 11. Passenger Pat down during traffic stop permitted if belief gang member is armed and dangerous.
Arizona v Johnson 172 L. Ed. 2d 694 (2009)
While patrolling near a Tucson neighborhood associated with the Crips gang, police officers serving on Arizona’s gang task force stopped an automobile for a vehicular infraction warranting a citation. At the time of the stop, the officers had no reason to suspect the car’s occupants of criminal activity. Officer Trevizo attended to respondent Johnson, the back-seat passenger, whose behavior and clothing caused Trevizo to question him. After learning that Johnson was from a town with a Crips gang and had been in prison, Trevizo asked him get out of the car in order to question him further, out of the hearing of the front-seat passenger, about his gang affiliation. Because she suspected that he was armed, she patted him down for safety when he exited the car. During the patdown, she felt the butt of a gun. At that point, Johnson began to struggle, and Trevizo handcuffed him. Johnson was charged with, inter alia, possession of a weapon by a prohibited possessor.
Held: Officer Trevizo’s patdown of Johnson did not violate the Fourth Amendment ’s prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Search 12. Police cannot search car passenger compartment if occupant already arrested.
Arizona v. Gant 129 S. Ct. 1710 (2009)
Police may search the passenger compartment of a vehicle incident to a recent occupant's arrest only if it is reasonable to believe that an arrestee might access the vehicle at the time of the search or that the vehicle contains evidence of the offense of arrest. Belton overruled.

Search 13 School Principal can search vehicle on school grounds. State v. Best 201 NJ 100 (2010)

A school administrator need only satisfy the lesser reasonable grounds standard rather than the probable cause standard to search a student’s vehicle parked on school property

Search 14. Error by police dispatcher in invalid arrest warrant requires suppression of evidence under NJ Constitution.
State v. Handy 412 NJ Super. 492 (App. Div. 2010)

This appeal required the Court to determine whether evidence found during the search incident to defendant's arrest should have been suppressed because the dispatcher who incorrectly informed the arresting officer that there was an outstanding arrest warrant acted unreasonably under the circumstances, even though the conduct of the arresting officer himself was reasonable.
The warrant at issue, which was ten years old at the time, had the same birth month, but a different birth day and year. The first name on the warrant was a variant spelling of defendant’s first name. The court concluded that suppression is required and, consequently, reversed the conviction based on NJ Constitution.

Search 15. Passengers can be ordered out if belief of danger.
State v. Mai 202 NJ 12 (2010)
The officers presented sufficient facts in the totality of the circumstances that would create in a police officer a heightened awareness of danger that would warrant an objectively reasonable officer in securing the scene in a more effective manner by ordering the passenger to exit the car. Those same circumstances authorize a police officer to open a vehicle door as part of ordering a passenger to exit. Thus, the seizure of the weapon was proper under the plain view doctrine, and the seizure of the holster and loaded magazine from the passenger was lawful as the fruits of a proper search incident to an arrest.

Search 16. Mirror Obstruction Should Obstruct Driver’s View for Violation.
State v. Barrow 408 NJ Super. 509 (App. Div. 2009)
A police officer stopping a motor vehicle for violating N.J.S.A. 39:3-74 must provide articulable facts showing that he or she reasonably believed that an object hanging from a rearview mirror obstructed the driver's view. [mini boxing gloves hanging]

Search 17. Police cannot search home without warrant.
State v. Jefferson 413 NJ Super. 344 (App. Div. 2010)
(1) In the absence of a warrant or a recognized exception from the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement, the police could not lawfully enter defendant's home to conduct a Terry type detention and investigation of defendant.
(2) A police officer's wedging herself in the doorway to prevent defendant from closing his front door was entry into the home.
(3) The police failed to show either "hot pursuit" exigent circumstances or a community caretaking exception from the warrant requirement.
(4) Although the police entry was unlawful, defendant had no right to resist physically, and the search of his person incident to arrest was lawful.
(5) Consent to search defendant's apartment, given by defendant's wife, was tainted by the unconstitutional police conduct and was not shown to be voluntary.

Sentencing 18. Judge Can Suspend DL for Traffic Offense.
State v. Moran ______ NJ _______ (2010) (A-55-09) 7/13/10

The license suspension provision of N.J.S.A. 39:5-31, which is published in the Motor Vehicle Code of the New Jersey Statutes Annotated, is not "hidden," and defendant, like all motorists, is presumed to know the law. To ensure that license suspensions meted out pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:5-31 are imposed in a reasonably fair and uniform manner, so that similarly situated defendants are treated similarly, the Court today defines the term "willful violation" contained in N.J.S.A. 39:5-31 and enunciates sentencing standards to guide municipal court and Law Division judges

Sentencing 19 Defense counsel must advise criminal of deportation consequences.
Padilla v. Kentucky 130 S. Ct. 1473 (2010)

Petitioner Padilla, a lawful permanent resident of the United States for over 40 years, faced deportation after pleading guilty to drug-distribution charges in Kentucky. In post conviction proceedings, he claims that his counsel not only failed to advise him of this consequence before he entered the plea, but also told him not to worry about deportation since he had lived in this country so long. He alleges that he would have gone to trial had he not received this incorrect advice The US Supreme Court held because counsel must inform a client whether his plea carries a risk of deportation, Padilla has sufficiently alleged that his counsel was constitutionally deficient.

Sentencing 20. Four Factors required to withdraw guilty plea
State v. Slater 198 NJ 145 (2009)
Judges are to consider and balance four factors in evaluating motions to withdraw a guilty plea:
(1) whether the defendant has asserted a colorable claim of innocence;
(2) the nature and strength of the defendant’s reasons for withdrawal;
(3) the existence of a plea bargain; and
(4) whether withdrawal could result in unfair prejudice to the State or unfair advantage to the accused. This defendant has met his burden and is entitled to withdraw his guilty plea in the interest of justice.

Sentencing 21 No Points on Unsafe 97.2 if More than Five Years between Offenses.
Patel v. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission 200 NJ 413 (2009)
The unsafe driving ticket is no points for offense one and two. The 3rd gives the driver 4 points, unless there is more than 5 years between the 2nd and 3rd offense. The Supreme Court held Under N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.2(e), the exemption provision for assessing motor vehicle penalty points for an unsafe driving offense that occurs more than five years after "the prior offense," "the prior offense" refers only to the most recent preceding offense based on both a plain reading of the statute and a review of the legislative history. Thus, the Motor Vehicle Commission correctly imposed motor vehicle points on Patel for having a fourth unsafe driving conviction in 2007, only one year after the date of her prior, third, unsafe driving offense.

Miranda 22. Police did not always need to readminister Miranda warnings
State v. Nyhammer 197 NJ 383 (2009)
The trial court did not err in finding, based on the totality of the circumstances, that Nyhammer knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently waived his Miranda rights under both federal and state law. Thus, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in admitting Nyhammer’s confession into evidence. Further, a defendant cannot assert that he was denied his right of confrontation under the federal and state constitutions unless he first attempts to cross-examine the witness on the core accusations in the case. Nyhammer had the opportunity to cross- examine the child-victim at trial about her out-of-court testimony implicating him in the crime but chose not to do so; therefore, he cannot claim that he was denied his right of confrontation.

Miranda 23. Miranda Violation cannot be Asserted by Co-defendant. State v. Baum 199 NJ 407 (2009)
Defendant passenger Moore’s motion to suppress evidence found during a warrantless search of the vehicle in which he was riding should have been denied because he did not have standing to argue that the driver’s right against self-incrimination was violated and because the search was not unreasonable.

Miranda 24. Defendant must invoke right to remain silent.
Berghuis v. Thompkins 130 S. Ct. 2250 (2010)

Defendant Thompkins' silence during the interrogation did not invoke his right to remain silent. A suspect's Miranda right to counsel must be invoked "unambiguously." Davis v. United States, 512 U.S. 452, 459. If the accused makes an "ambiguous or equivocal" statement or no statement, the police are not required to end the interrogation, ibid., or ask questions to clarify the accused's intent, id., at 461-462. There is no principled reason to adopt different standards for determining when an accused has invoked the Miranda right to remain silent and the Miranda right to counsel at issue in Davis. Both protect the privilege against compulsory self-incrimination by requiring an interrogation to cease when either right is invoked. The unambiguous invocation requirement results in an objective inquiry that "avoid[s] difficulties of proof and ... provide[s] guidance to officers" on how to proceed in the face of ambiguity. Davis, supra, at 458-459. Had Thompkins said that he wanted to remain silent or that he did not want to talk, he would have invoked his right to end the questioning. He did neither.

Trial 25. US Supreme Court Rules Lab Report Not Admissible in Criminal Case.
Melendez-Diaz v. Mass 129 S.Ct. 2527 (2009)
Defendant's drug conviction is reversed, where the trial court's admission of the prosecution's certificates by laboratory analysts, stating that material seized by police and connected to Defendant was cocaine of a certain quantity, violated petitioner's Sixth Amendment right to confront the witnesses against him.

Kenneth Vercammen is an Edison, Middlesex County, NJ trial attorney who has published 125 articles in national and New Jersey publications on probate, estate planning, criminal and litigation topics. He often lectures to trial lawyers of the American Bar Association, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association.
Kenneth Vercammen was the NJ State Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year and past president of the Middlesex County Municipal Prosecutor's Association.

 He is the past chair of the NJ State Bar Association Municipal Court Section. He is the Deputy chair of the ABA Criminal Law committee, GP Division. Kenneth Vercammen was selected one of only three attorneys as a Super Lawyer 2009 in NJ Monthly in the Criminal - DWI.
He is a highly regarded lecturer on litigation issues for the American Bar Association, ICLE, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association. His articles have been published by New Jersey Law Journal, ABA Law Practice Management Magazine, and New Jersey Lawyer. He is the Editor in Chief of the New Jersey Municipal Court Law Review. Mr. Vercammen is a recipient of the NJSBA- YLD Service to the Bar Award.
He has served as a Special Acting Prosecutor in nine different cities and towns in New Jersey and also successfully handled over One thousand Municipal Court and Superior Court matters in the past 18 years.
In his private practice, he has devoted a substantial portion of his professional time to the preparation and trial of litigated matters. He has appeared in Courts throughout New Jersey several times each week on Criminal personal injury matters, Municipal Court trials, and contested Probate hearings.
2053 Woodbridge Ave.
Edison, NJ 08817

Kenneth Vercammen is an Edison, Middlesex County, NJ trial attorney who has published 125 articles in national and New Jersey publications on probate, estate planning, criminal and litigation topics. He often lectures to trial lawyers of the American Bar Association, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

15 Things You Should Demand of Your Prepared Meal Delivery Service

Selecting a prepared meal delivery service can be a time-consuming process. And there is no shortage of new companies to choose from every day. Below are 15 things that you should demand of your prepared meal delivery service to ensure that you are getting the healthiest options available and the most bang for your buck.

Fresh, Not Frozen Prepared Meals

Frozen meals may last longer. But they certainly do not taste, look or feel better for you. In fact, you can expect lots of chemicals and preservatives in each item to keep it “fresh” in the freezer. These are not the foods that will keep you healthy and help you accomplish your diet goals.

Healthy and Sustainable Ingredients

Look for companies that offer grass-fed and pasture-raised meats without antibiotics or hormones. Meals packed with GMO-free, organic, vegetables and without processed sugars or artificial sweeteners are the bare minimum that you should demand of your prepared meal delivery service. Look for companies that are forward with their nutritional goals.

Easy-to-Read Ingredient and Nutrition Labels

Your prepared meal delivery service should provide ingredient lists and nutritional labels for absolutely everything. You should be able to pronounce every item on the label and figure out your macros with ease. This is especially important if you are working with a strict eating regimen.

Demand a Variety of Options for Your Dietary Needs

The picture above is Grilled Chicken Apple Bowl from Factor75. It is Paleo diet friendlyKetogenic diet friendly, and dairy free. If you are working on a strict eating regimen, you should not have to feel like you can only eat one thing throughout the week. Demand a service that offers several options within your dietary restrictions to keep you inspired and healthy.

Demand Every Meal from Breakfast to Dinner and All Snacks In Between

Some prepared meal delivery services only offer dinner meal delivery. If you work many hours and do not have time to cook, that kind of service is only going to help you 25% of the time. Find a delivery service that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options in addition to snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Quick and Easy Re-Heat

Making dinner should not feel like rocket surgery. Look for meals that you can just pop into the microwave or oven. Making dinner should not take more than 10 minutes of each night. You are incredibly busy. Let someone make it easy for you.

Instagram-Worthy Presentation

Your prepared meal service should be delivering good-looking food. No one wants to eat the sad slab of meat next to the limp-looking vegetables. Your dinner should look as good as it makes you feel. Demand that you are delivered food that you would post about.

Demand the Control

Some prepared meal delivery services make their menu choices ahead of time and just send you what they decided on. I am sure that is easier for them. But how does that work for you? Demand the option to choose your menu for the week. This will keep you engaged in your eating habits and excited about the meals to come.

Plan Flexibility

Demand flexibility from your prepared delivery service. You should be able to pause service when you are out of town or available to you if you travel frequently. The most common complaint that I hear is that keeping on a diet while traveling is too hard. Find the service that can be flexible with you.

Multiple Delivery Day Options

This is especially important when you are working with a fresh prepared meal delivery service. Nothing can keep for five to seven days. The best way to get fresh, healthy, prepared meals is to work with a service that offers more than one delivery day per week.

Demand Nationwide Service

You should be able to get prepared meal delivery service regardless of where you are. Look for the services that have the capability to deliver to you nationwide.

Demand Secure Packaging and Recyclable Containers

Having a prepared meal delivery service does not have to be a killer for the environment. It should also not mean that your meal arrives in a squashed state. Demand that your prepared meal delivery service provide you with food, securely packaged, in recyclable containers.

User-Friendly Website

I hear this one a lot. You should be able to peruse the menu, manage your plan, and review meal nutrition with the click of a button. Choose a prepared meal service that offers you the most ease of use.

New and Exciting Options

Demand that your prepared meal delivery service update its menu options regularly. Check out services that offer items you have never had before. This way you can stay on your eating regimen and still feel like you are getting out of the box.

Demand a Prepared Meal Delivery Service that Supports You in Mindful Eating
Choose a service that shares your values in locally sourced, organic, healthy, whole food eating. Having a partner in your journey of mindful eating will make all of the difference in the end.
Want a prepared meal delivery service that meets all of your high demands? Get started with Factor 75, you won’t be disappointed.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Wedding weight loss plan
I am SO proud of today’s rock star transformation Kim! This 49 years young mother of 2 is no stranger to fitness, but after a new job in an office full of junk food and a lack of motivation took it’s toll on her body, she knew it was time for a positive change! When her fiancee proposed that was the new motivation she needed to get back on track! She signed up for our Wedding Weight Loss Plan – Hitch Fit Bridal Boot Camp, and wow, did she do an amazing job!! She enjoyed having a lot of variety with her eating and training. She shed the 20 pounds that she was hoping for, and I can’t wait to see the pix in her wedding dress when she walks down the aisle in June! Congrats Kim!!
Kim’s Stats:
Starting weight: 147.8
Ending weight: 128.2
Starting body fat: 28.87%
Ending body fat: 18%
Wedding Weight Loss Plan - Before and After Photos
Lose Weight for the Wedding - Wedding Weight Loss Plan Before and After
Bridal Bootcamp - Wedding Weight Loss Plan Before and After Photos
Kim’s Story:
I’m a Mom of 2 adult daughters and 49 years old. I’m no stranger to fitness and nutrition I’ve spent the better part of 30 years inside of a gym and spent a good 10 years competing in figure and bikini competitions in my 30’s and 40’s. My last contest was about 3 years ago and was in the best shape of my life at 46 years old.
I started a new job and went from being active at work to a desk job and sitting most of the day. As with many office environments there’s a lot of junk food around and with the stress of a new job, extra junk food, and my desire to train decreased. I wasn’t working out at my normal intensity and as often. Needless to say I put on about 20 lbs over the past 3 years.
My fiancĂ© proposed last October and I did  not like how I looked in the wedding dresses I tried on when shopping.  In December I decided enough is enough. I’m  not going another summer dreading putting on a bikini and wanted to feel better about myself again and look great in my wedding dress. .
I knew I needed to do it different this time. I needed a nutrition plan with variety and I would be able to stick with it. I knew the previous programs I’ve had would not work for me I could not eat fish and asparagus every day.
I knew of Hitch Fit for several years and was familiar with Diana because she was also a competitor and I had contacted her on a few occasions in the past to ask some questions. she’s always been very helpful and knew they would be a good fit for me to reach my goals.
The program was great, I never really wanted to make bad food choices because of the variety and I was able to make a lot of my own choices. I never strayed from the nutrition which is normally very difficult for me. I really liked how the training programs were so much different than what I had done in the past. Loved the giant sets!
My wedding is in June and will very easily be able to maintain my weight up to and long after the wedding. Thanks Diana!

Bridal Bootcamp Weight Loss Plan

We have options for 12 or 16 Week Wedding Weight Loss Plans – Individual or Couples Wedding Weight Loss Plans
Add to Cart Button 12 Weeks