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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE - More on Keto Creamer

Lean Trim Diana Here!

Good Morning! While all of you 8-5 people go off to the races, I get to work from home with our wonderful weight loss coffee and other beverages. I love not having to get up at 4am, drive 45 min. to get to my work job and be there by 6:30am. Funny how I still wake up once in a while at 4am, but I just fall back asleep. My Weight Loss Coffee and beverages are allowing me to help people with their health and the bonus part of it is I earn a residual income and bonuses too!

Here is Nancie's results story ( I've attached our Keto brochure:

UPDATE!! Pictures 2/15/18 and 4/17/17! 40# released (4+ just in last 3 Days) plus 45 inches GONE! Although hard to see in pics, my stomach is almost concave from using our Keto Creamer plus SlimRoast Brazilian/Cocoa Combo! I can’t even wear the sports bra any longer and the shorts slide down, kept having to adjust them to take pics! I’m HORRIBLE AT SELFIES, but my husband says I look Amazing in “real life”! I even went bikini shopping!!!!

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