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Sunday, March 11, 2018

WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE - I've Lost 24 lbs.since End of September 2017 Whoop Whoop!

Lean Trim Diana Her!

Boy am I getting Lean and Trim!!! Yesterday I checked my weight and I was down 23 lbs. This morning I am DOWN ANOTHER POUND, 24 lbs. I LOVE MY PRODUCTS!!!

Remember, I started on 1 coffee a day back at the end of September. By October I was down 13 lbs. Then I was losing some inches but the scales didn't change, so that was still ok. I did the 12 in 24 and lost some inches, then went to 1 coffee in am and 1 cocoa in pm with our Keto Creamer. That's when I started seeing more pounds come off. I now changed it up again and I have 1 coffee with our creamer in the morning, I wait at least 1 hr before I eat, sometimes 2 hrs., and about 1 or 2pm I have another coffee with our creamer. And WOW, 24 lbs down. I'm still not really snacking and the coffee helps me control the choices I make so I am eating more healthy and no sugars, no apple fritters any more LOL! I feel great. I am always in a good mood and just feel great!

Let me help you lose weight and get healthy. Put in your info and I will contact you and help you choose product(s) best for you. Remember we have other products like the immune and max spray that help you get healthy. Again, we don't make any medical claims.

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