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Thursday, April 5, 2018


Lean Trim Diana Here!

Yes, part of weight loss is the food choices we make. I saw a video on what America vs Europe eat for breakfast. Yikes! My weight loss coffee gives me control of what I eat. Does your coffee do that? Just a tip for the day:)

Americans (we treat breakfast as desert):
Donuts, Pastries, Pop Tarts

Sweden - eggs & caviar spread
Iceland - yogart w/nuts and mixed fruits
Spain - olive oil and tomatoes on toast

Here is a list of a few foods we should eat every day:

Garlic- anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & antiseptic properties
Tomatoes- rich In Vitamin C
Avocado – Cholesterol
Hemp Seeds – are a complete protein
Cucumbers – hydrate the body
Spinach - anti-inflammatory
Kale – high in iron
Peppers – loaded with antioxidants