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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer Square One Program Featuring How to Get The TRUTH From Your Oncologist
There are 3 words that wreak more havoc and cause more chaos in people’s lives than just about any other words in the English language.
Those chilling words?
“You have cancer”
3 little words that bring with them an avalanche that can upend even the most rock solid lives.
With that pronouncement comes a panicked rush to try and find a solution. Many people, without even having time to process their diagnosis are thrust headlong into treatments that can have destructive and often irreversible consequences.
And they have no idea what’s coming (or what to expect)...
This is exactly what happened to my friend Chris Wark when he was 26.
Chris was diagnosed with Stage III (metastatic) colon cancer.
He was immediately put on the cancer treatment roller-coaster and was about to start long term chemotherapy…
But he and his wife accidentally asked his oncologist two life-changing questions.
These questions changed the way Chris looked at cancer treatment and started him on a journey that ultimately led him to healing without chemotherapy.
Today, over 14 years later… Chris is cancer-free and in the best shape of his life, and he’s on a mission to help patients get the TRUTH from their oncologists so they’re empowered to make the best decision for them.
Chris created a free guide featuring crucial questions that every cancer patient MUST ask their oncologist before starting ANY treatment.
This powerful guide will help alleviate the fear and overwhelm of cancer and help you and your loved ones get honest answers from your doctor so you can make treatment decisions based on facts, not fear.
20 Questions for Your Oncologist includes a 1-hour audio program, a transcript to follow along and take notes, and a printable question list.
Coach Nate
P.S. You deserve to know the truth about your situation and the options you have. Get the guide, and get the truth from your oncologist.
P.P.S. If you have a loved one or friend who could benefit from this free guide, send them the link so they can have free access too.

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