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Monday, September 9, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer The Real Reason Chemo Is So Expensive

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Ok… I’m not trying to start anything here, but there are some numbers that really bother me.
A recent General Account Office report states that some doctors (specifically oncologists, specializing in cancer treatments) actually get a HUGE discount on certain drugs.. up to 86%
And do they pass those savings on to cancer patients?
Nope. They mark the drugs right back up between 30-600% in some cases and bill the insurance companies, who then bill the patients.
That seems like highway robbery to me, and it’s a big part of what’s wrong with our healthcare system.
Believe it or not, doctors can pocket up to $1 million a year just by prescribing chemo, tacking on a hefty commission, and charging you to put it in your body.
And yet even though some oncologists have a clear conflict of interest, chemo is still the treatment most patients choose because they don’t know there are safer non-toxic options for treating and healing cancer.
How do I know?
Meet my friend Chris.
He was diagnosed with advanced cancer in 2003. But he opted out of chemo. Yet today he is alive and well (and cancer-free) nearly 14 years later.
How did he do it?
Chris has been asked this question so many times, he created a 10-module course on healing and preventing cancer called SQUARE ONE.
And he’s sharing the entire program online for FREE Click here starting September 12th!
This powerful video program will provide you with answers to the many questions people have about cancer and the methods people are using to heal naturally — without chemo or radiation.
Go here now to get Free Access to all 10 modules
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P.S. I’ve watched all 10 modules of Chris’s SQUARE ONE: Healing Cancer Coaching Program, and they are superb. The information he’s giving away free could literally save your life. Go here now for free access. 

-Coach Nate

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