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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BBcom Featuring: Epic Garage Gym Tour | Matt Vincent, 2x Highland Game World Champion

2x Highland World Champion Matt Vincent has competed in weighlifting, strongman, and powerlifting. All of that time over the last 10 years, was spent training in his garage. 
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This is what Matt Vincent has found to be the most useful setup for him in his garage for now and while he was competing. Matt Vincent's training is usually focused on mobility, functional stuff, and strength. One of those he's learned to use over the last couple years has been mace training. Onnit make some great maces and incorporating these into his training has helped his shoulders, keep things moving, and build some strength. 

 | Garage Gym Equipment | 
1. Olympic Weight Set: 
 2. Power Rack: 
3. Dip Station and Pull-Up Bar: 
4. Kettlebell Kit: 
5. Foam Roller:

The Use Of The Weider Home Gym System

By: Gene B. Pineda

The thought of owning your own home gym system has run though your mind on way too many occasions, so you check out the gyms locally to see what brands and types of machinery they have and use the most, which are also the most effective for the all in one category. Most of the equipment in the gym you see is Trojan but some others are brands like Weider or Powertec or Bowflex.

These are just a few names that are currently competing with the weider home gym system on the markets today. Since the main feature of the weider home gym system is the lower price, a lot of beginners are looking at this product to get fit due to financial or time constraints.

Since you can pick and choose which weider home gym system would work best for you, the price range is all about the same, and however there are higher price ranges with the weider home gym system. This higher priced weider home gym system would be their latest launch which is digitally controlled, but also has a few minor problems being digital.

General Info on the Machinery

While every person has different needs, the use of the weider home gym system can offer you a multitude of exercises with just one machine. For now this is all you probably would need as a beginner. But over time you may wish to upgrade your weider home gym system, and this could prove to be a bit difficult.

There is no problem with the machinery itself once you set it up and running. The only complaint so far has been that the machine does not seem smooth enough while working with it, you have a good machine that does all it can, but it is not the best home gym system that you could afford at the time.

Well in the old days if people filled buckets to lift as weights there was no smoothness in that either. So what are you complaining really about, that the machinery may remind you of the stone ages? Well if that is the case, be prepared to cough up a bit more money for total smoothness out of gym system and that doesn't matter which brand it is. Compressed air systems are actually what you seem to be looking for.

Not Much Hope for Adaptability

If you are still enjoying your Weider home system, you can purchase accessories and other goodies to add use; it won't be anything different from what you already have, besides either tighter or shorter elasticized ropes, or heavier weights to load onto the stackable system.

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