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Monday, April 15, 2019

The ACC on US Sports Net Featuring: Jordan Nwora Official Highlights | Louisville Forward Presented by Baseball Rampage

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Louisville's Jordan Nwora was the 2019 ACC Most Improved Player and a third-team All-ACC selection. Nwora led the Cardinals in scoring at 17.0 points per game. He also finished 8th in the ACC in rebounds per game at 7.6. Nwora is adept at scoring anywhere on the court and finished in the top 10 in the league in 3-point field goals made per game as well as 3-point percentage. Enjoy Jordan Nwora's Official Highlights right here!
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Time for another "Teachable Moment" from!

Jump Training: More Than Just the Vertical

Andy Twellman - Director of Operations at Train 4 The Game (Austin TX)
In the few years that we've been training athletes at Train 4 The Game, we've often found ourselves focused on how to help our athletes jump higher. At the end of every phase we'd test them to see how much they had improved their vertical jump, and invariably we'd get them jumping higher and everyone was happy. It wasn't until we started watching videos of basketball injuries one day that we started to realize that we might be missing a piece of the puzzle. What we were doing was getting results, but we started to realize that in spite of our success at helping athletes jump higher, we might still be able to do it better, both in terms of performance and injury prevention
.Image result for Basketball broad jump gif
At the time, the majority of our athletes played either basketball or volleyball, so we took a step back and watched how they played. We looked at how they jumped and how they moved. We saw that sometimes they had to jump 2 or 3 times in a row with only a very brief time on the ground between jumps. Often the player that could get back up the quickest won the battle. We also looked at how they loaded their bodies prior to jumping. Sometimes the jump was preceded by a large amount of trunk flexion and arm swing, other times the trunk stayed fairly upright and the arms stayed high overhead. More interestingly, we noticed that the athletes rarely landed quietly with their feet square like we taught them to. It seemed like they were more concerned with the ball than on the landing. Sometimes they landed on two feet, but sometimes they landed on one. Sometimes they landed in the same place they had jumped from, but often they landed elsewhere. There were also times when their arms were overhead reaching for the ball when they landed rather than swinging downward. What we began to realize was that while jumping higher and more efficiently was an important part of the game, it was a lot more complicated than that. They needed to be able to jump with the mechanical advantage of hip flexion and arm swing, but they also needed to be effective when jumping (and landing!) at a mechanical disadvantage.
Some variables to consider when evaluating jumping demands of a sport
1. Arm actions. Sometimes swinging, other times hands overhead, reaching rotationally..............Join to keep reading access more articles, videos, coach forums and much more! 

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