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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cancer Defeated USA - The Truth About Cancer Featuring: Global Health News Ep. #38 | 15+ Ways to Fight Disease Naturally

This week in global health, we are doing something a little different. Instead of covering current events, we wanted to bring you some practical natural remedies to common illnesses.

 For those who have gut issues, an acidophilus probiotic can benefit you and can even fight E.coli (which is now in vaccines). If you're suffering from heart issues or poor circulation, you may want to try cayenne pepper. This natural remedy for high blood pressure can act quickly, as our friend discovered.

 Now that we are into the summer months, you may be suffering from bug bites or stings. One remedy for these is plantain leaves. Plantain can react remarkably quickly too! Also, don't forget to try some of the natural ways to repel insects!

 Are you looking for the best natural remedies for Type 2 diabetes? Chromium can help insulin transport glucose into the cells—find out which chromium GTF we use. Another treatment is cinnamon, which can lower blood sugar and increase your sensitivity to insulin. Watch the full video to discover even more ways to fight diabetes.

 The anthocyanins found in cherries can help arthritis. They have an anti-inflammatory effect and can also be found in other red and purple fruits like strawberries and blueberries. Another option is turmeric!

 Learn how to deal with various infections, including MRSA and the flu. Manuka honey, sovereign silver, and elderberries can help fight off these insidious infections. And finally, we go over natural ways to fight cancer and learn Ty's favorite protocol! For even more natural remedies, check out this article on natural remedies [], or check out our latest documentary series "Eastern Medicine: Journey Through ASIA" for 140+ natural protocols [].
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