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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer Dr Christiane Northrup - Dodging Energy Vampires and Angry At God

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 Angry At God

By: Jason Powers

There are too many dear people who have been angry at God for the terrible things that have taken place in their lives; a lost loved one, layoff at work or some other tragedy that hit unexpectedly.

A lady lost her young son, being grieved because of the lost she was wrestling with the thoughts in her head, "why would God do this or allow it to happen" she would ask her self? The thoughts got so bad that it begin to affect her everyday life to the point where she became very angry towards God not knowing that God was weeping with her. Six months have gone by since the death of her son and the same thoughts kept taken over her mind, "why would God do this or allow it".

One day she walked into a church that was close to her home thinking maybe she can find peace from all this bitterness and confusion. She walked up to the last row in the building and took a seat hoping to find answers. She looked around and noticed everyone was wearing black or dark clothes and thought to her self, "This is strange". She heard a woman in the front row crying and sobbing which worried her, but she just sat there to see what would happen next- when all of a sudden a young handsome minister stepped up to the podium and grabbed the microphone. The minister looked very serious as he gazed around the room and then spoke, "Timmy was a wonderful boy that should have never been taken from his childhood and family, the minister says with deep emotions. We know that today little Timmy is with the Lord Jesus. If ever there is a time to weep it is now because of this great lost. But I want to say something that some might not understand, however I need to say it. We live in a world where there is good and evil, there is a God and there is a devil; we are taught by scriptures that all good comes from God and all evil comes from satan.

It saddens me to know that many will blame God for the tragedy that has come to their life. Well, I don't want that to happen here tonight and that is why I am talking about this. I want to assure you that God wishes nothing but the best for His people; He doesn't want terrible things to happen to you, however bad things do happen and many are asking, "Why does God allow bad things to happen to His people". There are many questions that we will never have the answers too here on earth, but I want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you and wants nothing but the best for you and your family. We must always remember that there is an enemy out there who is working twenty four hours a day trying to destroy us. Never be angry with God because He is the one that can help you get through this terrible time in your life. Trust Him and He will give you strength and power to overcome the grief in your heart. It is God that will bring peace to your troubled mind, the arguments and warfare that goes on within you. So before you leave this room I want to make sure you understand that God had nothing to do with your lost, focus your anger at the enemy satan not God.

The lady on the back row was amazed at the wisdom of this young man not realizing as she listen to his every word peace filled her mind and she didn't feel angry any more towards God. "Could this be a miracle", she asks herself?

This lady didn't know how much God cared for her but He showed her His love by allowing her to walk into a funeral service for a young man named Timmy who she didn't even know. The Lord knew that the message would change her life and thoughts towards Him. Three years have passed since that day the lady walked into the funeral service of some boy she didn't even know and today that woman is still free from the bitterness towards God. She is living with peace and joy beyond measure; and every Sunday she goes down to that little church to fellowship with her new family and friends where she learned that God really cares for her.

Jason Powers a Christian Writer in the state of Florida. His books have touched many lives from around the world including India, Pakistan, Africa and the UK. For more information about Jason Powers or his writings visit A Healing God

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