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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Beast Sports Nutrition Featuring: 3 Tips to Increase Bench Press from Steve Gentili, Elite Power Lifter and Beast Sports Athlete and Nutrition Issues Preventing Your Weight Loss Success

Watch Elite Powerlifter Steve Gentili's top 3 tips to increase your bench press.

 1) Shoulder Health- Take care of your shoulders first to improve your bench.

 2) Add floor press into your routine. 

 3) Go into accessory movements - dumbbell press, dips, etc.

Nutrition Issues Preventing Your Weight Loss Success

Nutrition Issues Preventing Your Weight Loss Success

By Team Beast's Brandon Hendrickson, the 2018 Men's Physique  Olympia Champion
When it comes to your ability to change your body, your nutrition is the biggest factor for attaining weight loss success. Your diet is probably the hardest part about building your desired physique. Unfortunately, we have slip-ups and things happen where it affects our desired physique. Here are some things with your nutrition that can prevent your weight loss success along with ways to fix them.
Stress and Willpower:
A lot of people eat more food when they are happy or sad. It’s almost inevitable for most of us to eat more when stressed or feeling down. The best way to fix that get on track with your weight loss success is to use alternative foods in your daily nutrition. For example, if you want something sweet or with sugar, instead of chocolate and candy, try fruits and nuts.
Reduced sleep could affect how hungry you feel and could totally knock you off track with your nutrition. Your mood and decision-making can be affected by how much sleep you’re actually getting. Being tired can affect your decision-making about what foods to eat. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep per day so that you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your diet and goals and achieve the weight loss success you are looking for.
It’s almost too easy to chase that dopamine high from junk food when we’re bored. We have a tendency to make irrational decisions about our nutrition when we’re bored. This could negatively impact our weight loss success. To avoid boredom, go for a walk, find a hobby, or when you do get bored, use an alternative food (as mentioned above) instead of junk food.

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