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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Wanting in Bad Enough Presented by Beast Sports Nutrition Featuring: Pitt Football | Strength & Conditioning Coach Dave Andrews | 2019 4th Quarter Workouts

Weight Training and Strength Training
By: Gustave Richer

People, for a long time, have been struggling with how they should be developing themselves. In this sense, people have already gone from just trying to survive for the day to becoming models of fitness and strength. On dieting and getting buffed up alone, people use up as much as $60 Billion dollars to lose the fat they gained over the long span of their lives to shape-up or to create a better lifestyle to avoid a disease. However, you have to know what the difference of trainings are. There are differences between Strength and weight training and this article will tackle each of the styles in training.

Strength Training

Training does not come much simpler than training for strength. Musclesfax people can attest to that. The difference with losing weight often comes up with the idea of eating more to be able to train more while losing weight actually advises to do less eating to be able to curb that fat. And in strength training, essentially, the more protein you have, the better your strength will be. This goes along with a lot of vitamins and products that have it, too. Strength training mainly involves aerobic training and flexibility exercises. As such, weight training definitely goes under strength training. This training builds up resistance to be able to lift more, to enhance skeletal muscles, and build up anaerobic endurance. Common types of training includes muscle training, muscle hypertrophy, and the one that was previously given weight training and lastly, muscle endurance. In simple terms, this type of training helps you become stronger and endure more. People who excel in this type of training almost always compete with other people in weightlifting competitions; speed runs with boulder lifting or just plain old weight lifting.

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Focusing on Weight Training

As you know, weight training involves using weight as your primary ally in helping you build strength. With gravity as your enemy, the weight of the things you lift can help you build the power for you to use in any types of situations. It may start from you being able to carry your own weight, to being able to carry kilos and kilos of weight strapped in bars and many types of machines. However, one cannot just go and put much weight and start lifting immediately. As ironic as it may seem, people who engage in building strength to make the body stronger actually put themselves on the path of it at the same time. The danger even goes as far 82% of the 970,000 men who do weight training; both beginners and people who have been used to doing it. It is imperative that those who want to build strength and power follow a set of rules and progressive training to avoid getting injured and getting themselves out of the strength building picture in the long run.

To better build strength in a shorter span on time, people have been using drugs called steroids to enhance performance. The use of steroids, however, have different side effects and have been reported to induce injuries, complications and diseases that are often deadly or untreatable.

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