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by Scott Peterman


DEVELOPING YOUR GAME USING THE GUN This book was originally put together after some players were asking me about drills they could do in the gym when they came in by themselves or with teammates. I provided them with various drills for the “GUN” they could use when they wanted to get extra work in. The players really embraced it and enjoyed the drills so much they asked if I would put them down on paper so they could remember them and be able to describe the drill to their teammates. The drills in this book are designed for as few as one person to as many as you may want to have. As you will see, the drills are designed for players to work on their shot off the catch, off the dribble and coming off screens. In addition, the players learn how to move without the ball and read cutters for shots. The book is now used not only for work outside of practice but in our player development sessions. It is important when your players put in work outside of practice that they are getting up game shots at game speed. The drills in this book allow for just that. I think this book is also very helpful to coaches in practice, player development session and providing your players with some structure for when they want to put work in on their own. I hope you find this book to be very helpful to you the coach and the players.

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Scott Peterman

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Men's Basketball Coach Scott Peterman has coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. Coach Peterman just felt that fellow coaches, especially young coaches, need to constantly work on their “game,” just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. Book this course......