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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: The Politics of Cancer (Part 3) - The Marriage of Modern Medicine & Big Pharma

In Part 3 of his presentation, G. Edward Griffin exposes the truth about Big Pharma and the medical industry. The gripping conclusion to his 3-part series, Griffin explains how medical students are being groomed as sales reps for drug manufacturers. Catch Part 1, here: or Part 2, here:

 What if the entire curriculum for doctors was written by the pharmaceutical industry? The result would be a completely drug-centric system that focuses entirely on pharmaceutical interventions instead of nutrition.

 What if the way that our doctors are trained – from medical school all the way through their careers – was designed to help drug manufacturers get rich?

 Watch the whole video to learn how mainstream doctors are being brainwashed to sell drugs for the manufacturers. Rich, powerful people who are financially tied to the drug industry have been silencing and discrediting anyone who supports natural, non-toxic remedies.

Meanwhile, mainstream medical establishments continue to push toxic, ineffective therapies. Why? Because they make more money!

Stay tuned to the end to learn about the Laetrile cover-up and how the Rockefellers used their money to influence Sloan Kettering and shut down a promising new cancer cure. Discover the truth about the politics of cancer. 

The medical mafia doesn’t want you to know about safe, natural therapies. We’re here to spread the TRUTH. To learn more about Laetrile and the cover-up by Big Pharma, check out this article:

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