• Learn how to create shutdown corners using the motor release technique in bump and run coverage
  • Develop a combination of techniques that confuse the receiver and allow the defensive back to take the receiver out of his route
  • Learn indicators that will allow your defensive backs to attack routes with confidence
With Ron Cooper, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Assistant Coach /Defensive Backs; former LSU Assistant Coach / Defensive Backs. Ron Cooper delivers a comprehensive approach to teaching the techniques and fundamentals to play bump & run coverage using the motor release. In the motor release, the goal is to keep your body in front of the receiver so there is "no route." Combining the motor release with more aggressive off hand jam techniques, Cooper keeps the receiver guessing on what type of release to use off the line.
Using practice video Coach Cooper takes you from the stance of the defensive back through the motor release techniques in a series of drills. Cooper's emphasis is on the ability of the defensive back to stay in front of the receiver to destroy the timing of the route. Cooper also teaches the defensive back to watch the inside hip of the receiver, this allows the defender to come under control and break hard when the receiver's hips drop. Cooper covers the important coaching points in defending the:

  • Fade
  • Stutter & Go
  • Comeback
  • Slant
As a bonus Coach Cooper discusses Cover 1 and the "indicators" that the free safety and linebacker use to close on the ball. Cooper teaches that the indicators take the free defenders to the ball quickly making the bump & run coverage difficult to pass the ball on. When identifying these indicators, your defensive backs will be put in a position to beat their opponent from pre-snap to the whistle.
This video will support coaches at any level who wish to develop sound fundamental press man technique for defensive backs. Book this course.....

The Coach


Ron Cooper

Defensive Backs Coach at University of South Florida
Ron Cooper is the defensive backs coach at University of South Florida. Cooper served as the head football coach at Eastern Michigan University (1993–1994), the University of Louisville (1995–1997), and Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (1998–2001). He was the defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2012. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, he played high school football at Lee High School and college football at Jacksonville State. Book this course....