Why do some beginners move on and reach highly skilled levels of competitive play while others never seem to move out of rudimentary levels of skills, even as they seem to possess equal or even more athleticism and desire? The answer is in the foundation that beginners are introduced to and the patterns of development the student is offered. David W. Smith’s COACHING CHAMPIONS shares his tremendously successful teaching methodology that he has proven successful in a wide range of teaching and coaching applications. From the junior player development pro to the high school coach, from the recreation instructor to tennis pros in academies and clubs, COACHING CHAMPIONS offers a wide range of skill-progressions, drills, expectations, and real-life development programs. The very programs that Smith used to train over 100 state, national and world-ranked players of all ages. Follow these methods and discover a new world of success and successful students.

The Coach

David Smith

Tennis Coach & Author
David W. Smith is the Director of Tennis for the St. George Tennis Academy in St. George Utah. David has taught over 3000 players including over 100 state, national and world ranked players during his 30-plus years of teaching tennis.
Dave is Senior Editor of He has also been a featured writer in USPTA’s magazine ADDvantage in addition to having penned over 50 articles in various publications.
Dave has written 2 landmark books on tennis instruction, Tennis Mastery and Coaching Mastery. He has also co-authored several action-adventure novels.
As a high school coach Dave’s personal team win-loss statistic of over 1,000 wins against less than 25 losses is one of the most successful U.S. coaching records.
Dave has been recognized as a Master Professional by Dunlop Racquet Sports as well as one of only 40 Premier Tennis Professionals by Prince Sports, Inc. and Wilson Racquet Sports.
Dave is owner of Top Notch Tennis (TNT) Academy in St. George, Utah, and has recently ventured into the world of fiction publishing with He is married with 2 children and is a musician and an expert close-up and slight-of-hand magician. Book this course....