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Monday, August 5, 2019

BodyRockTV Lisa Marie Featuring: Resistance Band Thigh Walks and The Best Butt-Lifting Exercises: Try this 20 Minute Rear-tacular Circuit!

The Best Butt-Lifting Exercises: Try this 20 Minute Ass-tacular Circuit!

Even if you're born with the flattest of asses, a handful of strategic butt-lifting exercises can significantly help you bolster your natural assets. How much? Well, that depends. Up to 60%  of how we store fat and the way we build muscle is genetically predetermined, meaning you can certainly improve your lot in life, but you can't reinvent it. It's the reason our own Lisa-Marie is naturally slim, and has a hard time seeing lean gains (especially in her ass) without lifting hard, and lifting heavy. No one has it all. You may think that, and maybe they try to portray that, but the truth is, everyone is perfectly imperfect, and the sooner we embrace that fact, the happier we'll all be. Savvy?
Good! Then, let's get to it. Here are 4 of the best butt-lifting exercises to help you get your perkiest peach yet—no butt-plumping leggings required. Add these exercises into your next workout separately, or—better yet—combine them in a circuit and smash out five rounds for a quick and dirty 20 minute butt workout.  
Ready? Set your timers to 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. You got this!
Psst!You can also get the gear you need to smash these moves with this special, limited-time offer! Use promo code BUTT20 for 20% off this equipment. Butt bonus: Amp up your lean gains and use promo code BARS40 for $40 off our Pink Challenger Bars and code BALANCE70 for $70 off our Balance Trainer. There’s literally never been a better time to get your ass in gear! 
Let’s go! 
Step Jumps
Recommended gear: Step Riser
Why? Because activating your glutes through the power of plyometrics is a great way to tone your tushy. Be sure to work at a height that is challenging, but also, safe. Jump up, pushing up through your heels and sink down deeply into your heels as you land. This will not only target your glutes, but it will keep the impact in your muscles, not your joints.
Bear Kick-Backs
Recommended gear: Booty Bands Why? Because not only do they give your cheeks a serious lift—especially if you strap on your Booty Bands—but this move also tones your arms and core. Translation: more bang for your booty (and your body). Be sure to keep yout shoulders stacked over your elbows and wrists, and your core engaged. 
Standing Inverted Back Kick
Recommended gear: Core bands Ooooh! Get ready to feel the burn in parts of your butt you didn't know existed. This move targets deep muscles in your cheeks, making it stronger and perkier. Keep the toes of your working leg turned in slightly, and that knee turned slightly out. These little tweaks are what will give you those big, booty-ful gains.
Swing & Walking Lunge
Recommended gear: Kettlebell Bust through plateaus with this combo of butt-lifting exercises. Combining a classic kettlebell swing with a walking lunge, this move hits you where it hurts so good. Don't rush this move: pay attention to driving the swing with the thrust of your butt and hips—not your arms. 
You'll notice the classic moves like standard squats, lunges and deadlifts aren't in this line-up. That's not because they don't work, but because they are often overused, and this overuse can result in repetitive training that causes plateaus—and when you're plateaued, you're not seeing gains. However, add these to the mix for a cushy lift.  

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