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Friday, August 2, 2019

BodyRock TV Lisa Marie Featuring: Resistance In & Out Squat Jumps and The BodyRock Beginner Workout: Get in the Game!

The BodyRock Beginner Workout: Get in the Game!

Are you new to fitness or just getting back in the gainz game after a long hiatus? First off, welcome! If you're not already a member, join the BodyRock Insiders Group on Facebook. This is where our community and trainers come to talk shop, dish about diet, and share our fitness (and sometimes, life) experiences. It's the most supportive community you'll find, and will help you get and stay on track—and so will this playlist. 

Designed by a BodyRocker, just like you, this playlist draws on our beginner workouts and Sweatflix to provide you with an incredible and realistic regimine for your foray into (or back into) fitness. It's got everything you need: isolation and compound strength training, cardio, stretching and of course, rest. 
Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Sweatflix now, and do this amazing beginner workout for four weeks at no cost to you. 
Now let’s give it up for our BodyRocker Hanni, who's the brains behind this amazing beginner workout playlist!

Hi guys,
Since I saw a lot of entries with questions in regards to how to structure a workout schedule for beginners or people who're getting back on the horse, I thought I could share my approach. Feel free to follow along, adapt or ignore. 
I'm following the listed series as suggested below and/or leave a rest day/active rest day after 3 days of working out in a row, if I feel it's too intense and I need a bit of a break.
  1. Beginner Bootcamp Series 1--> follow as suggested by the program
  1. BodyRock Yoga - Beginner--> follow 1 day after the other, no rest days 
BodyRock Yoga Beginner
  1. Beginner Bootcamp Series 2 --> follow as suggested by the program 
Bootcamp Series 2
+ add BR Yoga- Beginner to your workout every other day.
  1. The DailyHiit Live - Beginner Challenge--> follow as suggested by the program 
Daily Hit
+ do BodyRock Yoga - Vinyasa Flow on the rest days 
Vinyasa Flow
  1. Level Up - 14 Day Challenge (Beginner to Intermediate) --> follow as suggested by the program 
Level Up
+ do BodyRock Yoga - Vinyasa Flow on the rest days 
BodyRock Yoga
  1. Intermediate Bootcamp - 30 day challenge --> follow as suggested by the program 
Intermedia Bootcamp
+ do Provocative Yoga on the rest days 
Provacative Yoga

Congrats, you're definitely on intermediate level now!  Feel free to grab any intermediate challenge. 

Behind the Routine

Find out why Hanni created this beginner playlist & why she BodyRocks! 
From Hanni…
I didn't work out on a regular basis during the last few years—it was rather an on & off thing—but decided to commit myself this time to make it to the intermediate level again. Looking through the programs and the forum I was missing a more structured approach to progress and decided to create my own instead.
About Hanni…
I've been active in fitness since 2002, mostly playing volleyball and hitting the gym regularly. Eventually, I left this behind and started working out with BR in 2010–back then I was on an intermediate fitness level—but fell off the wagon in 2015. Afterwards, I've been working out on and off with BR, other fitness providers and created my own programs for a while, but decided now, to give BR another shot with more dedication to the journey.
So, thanks so much to the whole team for making so many different training programs available. I absolutely enjoy & really appreciated them

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