Great goaltending wins hockey games and championships. In this comprehensive video, Coach Richard Shulmistra draws upon his extensive playing and coaching experiences to explain the essential components needed to become a successful goaltender. The program was designed to help young players improve their fundamentals and understand the art and science of goaltending . It is also intended to help coaches provide comprehensive instruction on every facet of this challenging position. Among the topics covered are: skating and movement drills, techniques for saves and puck control, angles and the center line theory, strategies to handle the puck in a variety of game situations and much more. This video is an indispensable resource for goalies and coaches at every level of play.


2 Fundamentals 10:41  
3 High Saves 04:31 
4 Angles 03:50  
5 Breakaways 02:26  
6 Behind the Goals 05:48  
7 Advanced Topics 03:30  
8 The Tipped Puck 01:12  
9 Drills 05:13  
10 Closing Comments and Credits 00:49

The Coach