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Friday, November 16, 2018

Tactical Bodyweight Workouts Present Police Activity On US Sports Net Featuring: Bodycam Shows Muskogee Police Fatally Shooting Armed Suspect (WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT)

** (Disclaimer: This video [below] content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Muskogee police on Thursday released excerpts of officer body camera footage and 911 recordings from a fatal officer-involved shooting earlier this week, both of which were part of a presentation detailing the timeline of interaction. Police attempted to arrest Andrew Richard Kana, 36, of Ponca City, on outstanding warrants Monday, according to Muskogee Police Department media releases. Officers attempted to handcuff Kana in the I Don't Care Bar and Grill. Once the officers had handcuffed one of Kana’s hands, he refused to provide the other, then pulled out a handgun, according to a previous media release. Sergeant Ron Yates immediately fired his weapon, striking Kana in the chest. Kana died at the scene. Kana’s warrants included a charge in Muskogee for alleged domestic assault by strangulation, and three nationwide extradition warrants from Ada County, Idaho – one for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, one for possessing a firearm after a felony conviction, and one for domestic assault in the presence of a child. He also had Oklahoma cases in Payne County.

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One of the charges was carrying a concealed weapon (not a firearm), and domestic assault and battery in the presence of minor children. Both of those were to go to trial in February, according to online records. Kana also had previous convictions in Kay County for child abuse by injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm after a previous felony conviction, and robbery with a dangerous weapon, according to online court records. All three officers were placed on paid administrative leave for the duration of the MPD’s internal investigation into the incident, according to the previous release. Investigators are preparing to submit evidence and reports to the Muskogee County District Attorney’s office for review, according to the release. Donate to PoliceActivity:

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