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Monday, November 19, 2018

Joseph Prince Recent Messages Featuring: Joseph Prince - True Prosperity In Every Area and From Milk to Meat

When you hear the word “prosperity,” what comes to mind? Riches? Success? Greed? But what does the Bible really say about prosperity? Discover from Scripture how true prosperity from God gives you a glorious family life, robust peace despite life’s challenges, godly wisdom to make good decisions, and allows you to be a blessing to those around you. In this message, discover practical keys that will help you: • Experience fruitfulness in your career while staying stress-free and healthy. • Find joy and fulfillment in your marriage, family, and relationships. • Live life loved and provided for by your heavenly Father. Beloved, you’ll be a glorious testimony who brings others to Christ when you experience true prosperity—God’s way! Get the full message at: - Subscribe for free official sermon notes at Find us at:

November 19

From Milk to Meat

Hebrews 5:12

Do you want to know why the Body of Christ has been in such a mess over the past few years? Do you want to know why the devil has been able to make a public display of our weaknesses? Do you want to know why, instead of being unified and strong, we've often been torn apart by division and criticisms that come not from without but within?
It is because, as the Lord said in Hebrews, the people of God have need of milk and not of strong meat. They're babies! The people of God for the most part don't know His ways.
That's why He's commissioned you and me to train believers who are unskilled in the Word of righteousness and help bring them to maturity.
"Sure," you say, "you're a preacher, but what about me? What can I do?" Well, I'll tell you. I believe God has called us both to do something. You'll find it in Hebrews 3:13. "Exhort one another daily, while it is called today."
That's no longer just a Bible verse to me. It's a direct command from the Lord. Gloria and I received that command a few years ago when we were preaching in Australia. It prompted us to step out in faith on daily television. But it's not a command that was just meant for us. It's one we all must obey in our own way.
"Exhort one another daily." Pray over that scripture today, won't you? Fellowship with your Father over it. Ask Him how He wants you to fulfill that command. He may tell you to help support ministries like Gloria's and mine that teach the uncompromised Word of God daily. He may tell you to fill yourself so full of His Word that it spills out on everyone you meet and encourages them to go on—and grow on—in Jesus.
Whatever He says, do it! There's a Church full of spiritual babies out there and more are being born all the time. You can help bring them from milk to meat. Begin to exhort them. Today.
Scripture Reading:
Hebrews 3:7-19
© 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka: Kenneth Copeland Publications    All rights reserved.

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