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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Strength Coach- Soccer Training Compilation

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Soccer Training Compilation

Michael Boyle - November 16, 2018
One sport that we have strong interest in is soccer so we decided to put together a compilation of our top soccer training articles to make finding info easy.

Around the ball. Dutch soccer conditioning!

Chi L. Chiu
Spain has rightfully won the World Cup Soccer 2010, beating the Dutch with 1-0 in the finals. Although they did not became world champion, Dutch soccer coaches have been successful all over the world. One of them brought the teams of South-Korea (WC 2002) and Russia (Euro 2008) to the semifinals, after only three months of preparation. These teams were assembled from mediocre players at best. What can we learn from it? 
No skills? Compensate! 
Soccer is, like most ballgames, a simple game. You either have the ball or you don't. This will lead to three phases in the game: the attack, the switch and the defense. When a team is forced in defense, they will build up pressure and cover. Aggressive chasing will force mistakes during an attack. Although it requires tactics and ball skills, it is very dependent on speed and stamina that leads quickly to fatigue. The second half of the match usually opens up because of it, which basically means that is harder to maintain pressure and cover. The last 15 minutes you'll notice an extra drop in performance. The distance in high intensity running is 20 percent lower than in the first 15 minutes. It explains why one third of the goals are produced in those last 15 minutes and also why mediocre teams with superior conditioning can excel at world cups. They compensate in area's that matter! 
Right man at the right place 
It is said that success is a matter of the right man in the right place. Nothing could be closer than the truth with soccer. The ball is usually less than a second in possession, before it is passed on to the next player. On average, a player has 60 to 90 seconds contact with the ball in a 90 minute game. The time lag between accepting the ball and passing on is unbelievable low, leaving you wondering whether the players have eyes in the back of their heads. It all boils down to communication and tactics and you see a lot of mistakes during world cups, where newly formed teams have short preparation times....... Join to read the rest of this and other articles....
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