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Saturday, November 24, 2018

HitchFit Online Personal Fitness Training Presents: Finally Fit in “The Divorce Dress”! On US Sports Net

Amanda crushed her Bikini Model Plan, achieved her goal of fitting into her little black dress: “The Divorce Dress”!
I’m crazy proud of today’s jaw dropping and amazing transformation Amanda! If you think this pretty lady looks familiar. You are right! Amanda completed a Lose Weight Feel Great plan with me nearly a year ago. She did a fantastic job on that first transformation, and maintained her progress for several months. Our journey began back in 2017 when I met Amanda in person at a charity event, and after seeing several friends have great results with Hitch Fit, she had been contemplating doing an online personal training plan. So it was a sign that it was time to start! Amanda went through a difficult divorce that led to her weight and habits being in a place that she was unhappy with how she looked and felt. This time around, she decided she wanted an even greater challenge to tackle, so she went for the Hitch Fit Bikini Model Plan! She once again knocked this transformation out of the park, and one of the greatest feelings?? She can now fit into the “little black dress” that has been nicknamed “The Divorce Dress”!! And you can see from the pix..she not only fits in that thing, she rocks it!! So proud of you lady!! Proud of the achievements you have made towards your fitness goals, but also so proud of the emotional and mental strength that you have gained through this process!!
And one more AWESOME THING!! With her newfound confidence, Amanda will be representing Noah’s Bandage Project at the BMA Foundation’s annual Dancing with the Stars Gala which will be June 8th, 2019! She is fundraising for this wonderful charity, and if you would like to support her efforts through table sponsorship, monetary donations etc. please write to me at and I will help you make that happen! 
Amanda’s Before and After Weight Loss Stats:
Starting weight before Lose Weight Feel Great (1st Plan): 157.5
Ending weight after Lose Weight Feel Great:  143.9
Starting body fat before Lose Weight Feel Great: 31.89%
Ending body fat after Lose Weight Feel Great: 21.36%
Starting weight for Bikini Model Plan: 145
Ending weight after Bikini Plan: 134
Starting body fat Bikini Model Plan: 20.36%
Ending body fat Bikini Model Plan: 15.33%
TOTAL LOST – 23.5 pounds and 16.56% body fat!!

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