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Saturday, February 10, 2018

VALENTUS - Prevail Cocoa - a Healthy Mocha Coffee

Lean Trim Diana Here!

Our Valentus weight loss coffee and other functional beverages help others, like myself, make healthy choices and they taste fantastic! Before Prevail SlimRoast coffee, I loved drinking a coffee mocha pretty much on a daily basis even though I knew the mocha wasn't good for my weight.  Now, since our Prevail Cocoa weight loss drink came out in January,  I can enjoy a Valentus Coffee Mocha without guilt! I put 1/2 of our Cocoa in 1 SlimRoast coffee and oh my! I am drinking a healthy coffee mocha. Yummy!!! I am so glad I found Valentus.

Barbara has been drinking our SlimRoast coffee and our Cocoa for 4 days now. She has a coffee and 1/2 cocoa in the morning and a Cocoa at noon. Her bloating has gone away and she feels full and loves drinking the cocoa and coffee. I cannot wait to hear more of Barbara's results.

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