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Monday, February 5, 2018

Flowrestling. The Latest Featuring: Blair Academy Goes To Geary and Who Is Jason Ferruggia

#1 Blair Academy's schedule is one of the best in the country. The one outlier on their annual slate is a small, paper-bout, sheet-run, three-mat tournament in the middle of Oklahoma in early January. But Blair doesn’t put the Geary Invitational on its schedule to pick up another team trophy. Geary is a full team experience. Website: Subscribe: Get the FloSports iOS app: Follow FloWrestling Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Who Is Jason Ferruggia

By: Aaniya Ajastha


Jason Ferruggia is an household name in muscle building and fitness field. However, many people often ask who is Jason Ferruggia. Well, he is a world renowned muscle building and fitness professional who only grew up as a tiny skinny kid, but has grown to amaze the world with his muscle building secrets. During his early days, many people made fun of Jason Ferrugia's tiny body and was often bullied in the gym class. Additionally, Ferruggia could not manage female companionship and all these body size issues prompted Jason to find ways to improve his physique. He worked out while still in school after he was advised by a cousin’s boyfriend who was a great wrestler.

Jason consulted bodybuilders on ways in which he could use to improve his physique and he ended up spending hours at the gym. The gym was not an easy task as it involved weight lifting up to six days a week, which he maintained for five years with no visible results. He graduated from high school weighing 147 lbs and six feet tall. Gym results were not satisfactory and Jason opted to experiment with several training programs including powerfactor training, German volume and super flow. He never stopped at these programs and went further to study exercise science as an undergraduate. This saw him travel to several parts of the country for seminars which earned him personal training certificates. Ferruggia worked as an intern with popular strength trainers and coaches but he remained weak and skinny because of poor genetics of which he didn't realize at the time.

Since Jason was so determined to gain weight at all costs, he never lost hope and he believed that he would benefit from steroids just like other people had done. He thought of supplementing his regime with steroids and went about looking for information on muscle strength building. Jason spent months searching for answers in over 300 books which yielded great results. He finally found what he was looking for which was a safe and natural way to obtain a muscle mass for his tiny body. However he had doubts over his solution and decided to put his newly found methods to test and used his friends as lab rats. They experienced same results and it was never long before jason ferruggia established a private training facility in New Jersey.

His private training facility gained enormous popularity as news spread fast in the city which led to a booming business, which met and surpassed his greatest expectations not even in his wildest dreams. He had found a solution to his problem after tiresome days, weeks, months and years. Today, Jason Ferruggia is a great muscle building and training expert and a chief adviser for Men's Fitness magazine in New Jersey. He marvels of a 231 lbs weight, which he achieved in the most natural and drug free method. He also writes ''The Hard-Gainer'' column and has written more than 500 articles for various websites and publications. His experience is motivating especially to people who have worked so hard to improve their physiques to no avail. Additionally, his articles have helped so many people who are searching for safe body building techniques.

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