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Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Truth About Cancer Featuring: Global Health News Ep. #36 | Vaccine Propaganda | The Opioid Epidemic & Cannabis

We begin this episode from one of the countries we visited in our latest documentary... Japan (The Land of the Rising Sun). Did you know Japan has said "no" to mandatory vaccines since 1994? Not only this, they banned the triple MMR jab in 1993 after a record number of children developed adverse reactions to the drug. Did you know that Japan has one of the lowest rates of infant deaths in the world? Japan does not vaccine newborns with the Hepatitis B vaccine nor does it vaccinate pregnant mothers (even the flu shot!). They also don't require the HPV vaccine. Next, we talk about NBC's recent smear campaign on vaccine safety advocates.

Watch the full video to learn more about the foundation of propaganda and the "science" of manipulating public opinion. Are "Anti-Vaxxers" just former "Pro-Vaxxers"? Yes! Many of us didn't know the truth. Many people followed the "rules", vaccinated their children, and then observed the damage in their children. This isn't a movement of misinformation. This is a movement of mothers and fathers questioning the status quo, challenging the legality of mandatory vaccines, and demanding vaccine safety testing.

Did you know that opioids have killed 4 times more people than the Vietnam war? We discuss the patenting process of opioids (and cannabis) and the dangers. . Lastly, we'll share more about the latest ploy by the mainstream media to promote vaccines and the "measles epidemic"... If you enjoy this video, please share with your friends and family!

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