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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Good Cops, Great Cops - U.S. Air Force Special Ops Training: Exceeding Every Standard

Members of Air Force Special Operations are some of the most elite warriors in the military, and their job puts them in some of the most dangerous places and situations in the world. In order to survive, they have to train, prepare and surpass boundaries every single day. Do you have what it takes? Find out at

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 Some of the military’s most difficult missions are carried out by Combat Controllers. Acting as a one-man attachment to special operations teams across all United States Military Branches, it’s up to these specialists to provide command and control and direct air traffic in remote, and often hostile, areas. It takes years of training and a commitment to excellence in a range of skills to become one of these elite warriors and succeed on missions all over the world.

 It’s the important and often dangerous job of Air Force Pararescuemen to rescue and medically treat downed military personnel. Often operating in hostile areas, these highly-trained specialists not only provide combat support, but are skilled parachutists, scuba divers, rock climbers and are even arctic-trained to allow access to any environment to save lives wherever they’re needed.

One of the biggest factors affecting mission success is weather. It’s the job of Air Force Special Operations Weather Teams to collect and analyze meteorological and environmental data to coordinate missions and deploy assets. Embedding with other special operations units in remote areas around the world, these experts use both highly advanced tools and intimate indigenous knowledge to keep our forces safe and one step ahead of the enemy.

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