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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Chris Beat Cancer Featuring: How many cigarettes are in a bottle of wine? And Mediterranean Diet- Route To Healthy Life

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 Mediterranean Diet- Route To Healthy Life

By: Smith Chessla

The Mediterranean diet is a nutritional diet inspired on the traditional dietary patterns of countries such Spain, Italy and Greece. It is not simply a diet as the name suggests, but a healthy way of eating to prevent diseases and stay fit.

The original Mediterranean diet menu is based on the consumption of olive oil, vegetables and fruits, cereals, beans, and fish. It also includes a moderate ingest of dairy products, eggs, meat and wine. People who used to follow this diet had a greater life expectancy.

It is worth to keep in mind what the components of this diet are and their benefits: olive oil contains antioxidants that help lower LDL cholesterol and chronic diseases; fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and antioxidants that reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease; fish contains omega fatty acids that lower LDL cholesterol, the bad guy; wine, especially red wine, is a rich source of flavonoids, antioxidants that protect against heart disease by increasing HDL cholesterol the good guy. It is no wonder why people who follow a Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of disease and have more energy to perform physical activities.

You too can now discover the secrets of this age old, rich and healthy diet and learn to prepare some delicious Mediterranean recipes. Wondering how? It is really simple. Just buy the book "Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet". This book reveals the secrets of living a healthy life and also provides very tasty free Mediterranean diet recipes.

"Your Heart Needs the Mediterranean Diet" answers almost all your queries in a great manner and it is quite interesting to read. This book has everything to offer: it shows you the types of foods to eat and the ones to avoid; the difference between good and bad fats; the benefits of olive oil and garlic to reduce the risk of a heart attack. And it also shows you how to prepare mouth watering yet healthy meals. Buying this book can help you and your family members prevent many ailments and at the same time lead a better life. This easy to follow guide is a must buy. Spending a few pennies on this book can prevent you from major losses- both in terms of money and health. Isn’t it great and wonderful?

It has been proven that healthy Mediterranean diet plan tends to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Parkinson, stroke, high blood pressure and asthma. Could you have ever imagined that eating a nutritious diet can save you from diseases which pose a great threat to humans today? When the traditional practices bring along so many benefits, why not follow them?

Learn these age old practices, manage your eating habits, follow a healthy diet and avoid packaged food. You would definitely see the difference and feel healthier and happier. Remember that your health depends on what you eat. So eat a rich and nutritious diet for a long and healthy life. After all it is rightly said that "A Healthy Mind Stays in a Healthy Body". 

Smith Chessla is an author of Mediterranean diet for the heart, One of the best book for mediterranean diet for the heart.

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