Learn how to wrestle with personal lessons from one of the top high school coaches in America. In this comprehensive 127 minute video, Bobby DeBerry shares numerous tips and techniques designed to give wrestlers a competitive edge on the mat. Among the topics covered are: Warm Up Drills, Base Offense, Finishes, The Sprawl, Top Man Alignment, Breakdowns, The Bottom Man, Sit Outs, Pinning Combinations and much more. This program is a must-have resource for wrestlers and coaches at any level.


1 Introduction 01:02
2 Warm Up Drills 18:28  
3 Base Offense 17:40  
4 Finishes 10:41  
5 The Sprawl 08:36  
6 Sprawl- Spin- Score 07:02  
7 The Start of a Match 05:15  
8 Top Man Alignment 12:27  
9 Top Man Breakdowns 06:20  
10 The Bottom Man 15:25  
11 Sit Outs 11:16  
12 Pinning Combinations 11:14  
13 Closing Comments 01:39

The Coach