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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

VALENTUS - Keto Creamer is HERE!

Lean Trim Diana Here!

I wanted to share with you my Keto Creamer order was delivered yesterday. I purposely didn't drink my morning weight loss coffee so I could feel results of the creamer. So 1 coffee and 1 scoop of Keto creamer 1 hr before my lunch. Around 11:30am, after my hubby and I went grocery shopping, I was hungry and started making our lunch. But after making our lunch (12:30pm), my hunger was curbed. I really didn't have to eat anymore, but I did eat a fresh salad with minimal tuna salad on top! For dinner 1 cup of tuna salad, 1/2 Gala apple and that was it! Yippee! Yes the Keto Creamer curbed my appetite and snacking. I love the Keto Creamer. I am excited to learn the results of my customers that ordered the creamer. More in the next few days on results:) When you go to my link, remember that the cocoa and Keto Creamer are new and are not on our websites yet. Put in your information and I will contact you for additional info and to answer your questions

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