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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Monster Triathlon 2018 Teaser Presented on US Sports Net by CheapOair!

The UK's Toughest Triathlon is back and open to everyone! 1-7 July 2018 Swim, cycle and run over 550 miles from Loch Ness to London and tackle this severn-legged beast!

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Triathlon Workout #4
By: Kerry Sullivan


More triathlon workout ideas from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, that you can stick in your workout bag to keep things interesting.

1. Urban Running (can't run 5 blocks without running 1 on a curb, must jump 3x onto every bench, stoplights isometric squat, stair must repeat 1x

This is a fantastic triathlon workout when you're stuck downtown, live in the city, or must run in an urban environment. Simply strap on the running shoes and head out on our run, but follow these simple rules: 1) you can't run for more than 5 blocks without either sprinting 1 block or running 1 block balanced "on the curb"; 2) anytime you pass a bench, you must stop and jump onto it three times; 3) anytime you have to stop at a stoplight or stop sign, go into a deep squat and hold it until it's time to run again; 4) anytime you go up a flight of stairs, you have to go back down to the bottom and climb the stairs one more time.

2. Mile Marker Madness

This workout requires you to be riding your bike in an area with clearly identifiable mile markers. It works best for a shorter triathlon workout. Anytime you get to a mile marker, you get to stand and sprint for 15 seconds, then get down into your race position and time trial to the end of that mile. The next mile is an easy recovery spin.

3. Office Triathlon (elastic band pulls --and  lunge jumps --and jumping jacks)

So let's say you're stuck in your office, you have no time to get to the gym, on your bike, or even into a pair of running shoes, but you still want to do a triathlon workout. Here's a quick workout that will trigger your triathlon muscles without requiring you to change or leave your office. You'll need an elastic band, which you can find at just about any sporting goods store. Attach it to a stationary object in your office, and perform alternating arm pulls while kneeling or standing. Keep the elbows high, just like swimming and do as many as you can in one minute. Then switch to lunge jumps or lunges for another minute, in which you bend the front knee to at least 90 degrees, so that you work the cycling muscles. Finish with jumping jacks for 1 minute. If you have time, repeat the workout anywhere from 2-5x through.
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Kerry Sullivan & Ben Greenfield are the head coaches at the Rock Star triathlete Academy. For free triathlon training advice from the best coaches and athletes in the world go to

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