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Monday, January 27, 2020

The Morning Boys w/ Ryan Hickey & Mark Everett Kelly: Remembering Kobe B...

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Today is a very sad day is sports news. Join us as we celebrate Kobe Bryant and his NBA career.
We also celebrate the lives of the other people on the helicopter.
Here are the others that we on the flight.
Kobe's daughter - Giana "Gigi' Bryant
John Altobelli, the baseball coach at Orange Coast College. He was 56.
Keri Altobelli, the wife of John.
Alyssa Altobelli, their daughter. She was one of Gianna's basketball teammates.
Christina Mauser, a basketball coach at the nearby Harbor Day School, the school Gigi Bryant attended.
Payton Chester, a middle school student.
Sarah Chester, Payton's mother.
Ara Zobayan, the pilot.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Living As A Cancer Survivor - Honest Evaluations Can Hurt - by Mark Everett Kelly

Source: Mark Everett Kelly (CKMagicSports/Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

Living As A Cancer Survivor - Honest Evaluations Can Hurt

If you have consistently read my blog (this is my 47th entry), you should have a good understanding of my personality. It's hard to put into perspective how I gauge my emotions every day. Nothing causes more stress and desperation than hearing someone I love, worried. I automatically speed through my mind how I could be responsible. I react that way because it breaks my heart to see a loved one hurting. 


I am under no exaggeration as to what my value is overall in society.  

Surviving cancer has created such a thorn in my side. I am grateful for surviving because of all the others that have suffered and died from this disease. However, I also find myself humiliated because of the ways it affected my body and took away so many things I loved. 

I can understand why those who lost someone to this disease would be offended by that. I don't feel that way all the time, but when I'm unable to walk because of the severe pain I deal with, or I can't leave my house due to Crohn's, I break down a little.

I am extremely tough on myself. I try to hold myself to a standard (I can hear the laughter of those who would disagree from here). For the majority of my life, I have tried to represent Christ with my actions, words, and behavior (that I know others are laughing at). It's hard to explain how much my relationship with Jesus means to me. I could not live without it. I know what touches my heart because God distinctly created specific characteristics that bring out tears, joy, sorrow, sincerity, and especially hope.

I am an empathetic person. I try my best to put myself in someone else shoes when they are experiencing something. I do my best no to judge others because I know how much I hate when others judge me.


I think we all come to a point in life where we want to make a difference with the talents given to us. I'm certainly not unique when I say I have failed to accomplish those things. I'm trying, but lately, I look around and see the reality of what I have become. That scares me to death. 

What if I never achieve? What if I let everyone down who chose to believe in me? I look up and see zero followers on Patreon. I've had to chase people down who said they would get back to me. I've thoroughly embarrassed myself, reaching out to people asking for speaking opportunities. My book was a total failure (only 23 copies sold).

Former NFL Coach Bill Parcells says, "You are what your record says you are." Well, if that's the case, then the results are apparent. I want everyone to understand that I'm the last thing that someone would call a success. I have to prove myself every day as well.


Former UCLA Head Coach John Wooden used to tell his players, "Never mistake activity for achievement." When you reach my age, you should have certain things that you earned. Everything I had, I was given. I don't feel like I can call myself anything other than a burden until the results say something different.

While I'm currently laying the groundwork to be self-supporting, I have experienced countless potholes. I find myself needing motivation most mornings to get out of bed. Some days my legs are so swollen I am unable to put on pants. Other days I can't go 10 feet without having to circle back because of stomach issues. The battle is exhausting at times.


I can't expect those who read this blog to support someone who is phony. I despise artificial people and those who purposely deceive others. If I can't be honest with my failures and in my desire to be better, then how can I be trusted? My heart is pure, but it's broken. It's broken because I see others around me who need me to be better and achieve success. 

I would appreciate those who pray to please say a prayer for me this week. Someone close to me is also facing a situation that is causing an enormous amount of stress. 


One thing I don't want to ever be is fake. I owe honesty, integrity, and sincerity to all who cross my path. I want everyone to know that it's OK if you don't feel like conquering the world every day. It's OK if you suffer from depression, loneliness, feeling left out, confused, or like you don't fit in. Do the best you can and don't be afraid to reach out to others who you trust. 

It's Not Just Fizzdale - by Dan Radzicki (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

SOURCE: Dan Radzicki (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

The Knicks disappointing season has led to the firing of David Fizzdale.  From the start Fizzdale was the wrong hire for the team. He has never proven to be a good coach previously in his career and frankly never belonged coaching anything in a major market. Or a minor market. Or in the NBA. Considering all of the candidates available at the time, his hiring was a head scratcher, but thankfully many of the positive candidates that were looking for jobs when FIzzdale was hired are still available, as Fizzdale was fired so quickly into his awful Knicks areer. 
Fizzdale’s firing is not the entirely the fault of David Fizzdale. It’s the fault of the team’s impotent owner, fat fuck James Dolan, and the shitty front offices that he’s assembled that draft poorly and recruit poorly.
Truth be told, I watch an embarrassingly large number of basketball games. I have watched the sport from the 1970’s through today. I have seen many changes in the game over time. Some for the better, most for the worst, as the league has turned itself from a sport and team game into globetrotter rosters and promotable movie stars. And that’s the type of coach the Knicks need: one that can turn the team into the Globetrotters offense. So let’s look at what’s out there in management and what could help this moribund organization out of its perpetual suckdom. 
David Blatt- already hired as a front office guy. Blatt has multiple sclerosis, so he probably wants to be in a less physical role. A great basketball mind, and maybe a replacement for Steve Mills? GM Scott Perry? Both?

Mark Jackson – one of the most prolific point guards in Knick history, would be a local boy comes home story. Not sure if it would be a local boy does good story, however. Smart player, would teach floor spacing and passing, which the Knicks need. But can he teach them his shimmy?
Becky Hammon- No, because she’s a woman. But that’s not sexism, that’s advice. The NBA took forever just to use female officials, who are equally as bad as the male ones. But a female head coach in a situation that’s bound to fail? That will lead to 20 years of women not being considered for head coaching jobs. I am not saying Hammon is underqualified to coach. If she has Coach Pop’s endorsement, that’s good enough for me. But she is overqualified to coach a transient roster with a thus far not exactly franchise rookie in RJ Barrett as a centerpiece. Wait for the right opportunity, Becky. Right now? This isn’t it.
Mike Miller- You see this shit he’s running? No. Absolutely not.  
Mark Few- A college coach? Yup. Few has performed miracles at Gonzaga. He has also worked with NBA players at international tournaments, so he has connections to some of the better players in the league. And as a college coach, he is familiar with recruiting so he knows how to talk with players. A knock against him is that he’s never won a championship, but neither have the Knicks in a few generations, so maybe baby steps is best? And at age 57, this may be his cash cow and only shot at the pros.
Patrick Ewing- this was suggested by Knicks superfan AMR, who feels that Ewing’s connection to the team would be a shot in the arm to a franchise that could maybe use a Hall of Famers touch. Ewing presently is head coach at his alma mater Georgetown, but has been an NBA assistant so he would know the grind. Also, Ewing was an outside shooting center long before outside shooting centers were a thing in the NBA, so he could help mold the young forwards and Mitchel Robinson into a multi-dimensional offensive player.
Steve Kerr- Already said no once, but with Golden State’s run over and the ability to poach Draymond Green to jumpstart a presently invisible defense plus salary cap flexibility and ANOTHER high draft pick? Plus the salary demands of 4 consecutive finals with 4 wins minus the LeBron rules? That may be something the Knicks should open checkbooks for.
We are not going to suggest who the Knicks should hire. No matter what advice we offer here, rest assured one thing- the Knicks will fuck things up. Because they always do. Fizzdale’s firing was partly his fault, but it’s not just Jizzdale. It’s the organization. Until they run themselves with a winning expectation and demand accountability from their players and staff, you’re going to have a lot of players developing like Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikinia- underwhelming and failing to live up to expectations. And the top 5 pick this year will be more of the same.

Hasta La Vista Cerrone - by Errol Marks (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

Source: Errol Marks (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

“Hasta la vista Cerrone”

by  | Jan 19, 2020 | General | 0 comments

Is it me or am I the only person that thinks the UFC is water down, well if you don’t just watch the garbage pay per view they sold Saturday night at UFC 246. Im not going to talk about the co main event Holm vs Pennington, which probably wouldn’t have even made a pay per view card 3 years ago. Lets be honest UFC fans, the organization is praying that Conor McGregor can come back after 3 years and save the sport once again give me a break. This shows me one thing and fans you might want to close your ears because you don’t want to hear what I’m going to say. McGregor beating a old beat up and over the hill fighter like Donald Cerrone Saturday night, doesn’t show me nothing but a lazy President trying to fined a nut. The UFC and Dana White should be embarrassed and sick to their stomachs to see the way the sport hasn’t found its identity since McGregor absence. I understand Dana didn’t want to throw Connor to the wolves in his first fight back in almost 3 years, but putting him against a washed up fighter at UFC 246 shows me how inept the organization really is. I understand that all organizations and professional sports franchises have their stars. But when the stars with the names McGregor and Jones are the only box office attractions then you have to think on how fast the sports has fallen in the past few years.

Lets just look back a few years shall we, Ronda Rousey arguably one of the biggest UFC stars of the last 5 years, decided to retire from fighting to become a WWE women’s wrestler after getting dominated by the likes of Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. How about throwing away one of the most talented fighters to come out of the UFC in the last ten years Demetrious Johnson, because they couldn’t promote him like they did for McGregor because he wasn’t a big mouth attraction in his years of complete dominance in the UFC. I think Dana White believes he has the right ingredients now to get the UFC back on top and I hope its not bringing a half beat up GSP back once again. Mix martial arts fans believe the once promising Prize fighting aka boxing was done the last past few years because of the lack of stars they lost because of retirement. Since then boxing has been taking off with the likes of upcoming and big super stars in the sport like Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Errol Spence and Terence Crawford. That doesn’t take away the growth of the Heavyweight division, with the likes of Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua that division has not been this strong since the Tyson years.

So where does the UFC go from here, well Khabib and Ferguson is a start thats for sure but finding the answer to this question will not lean on the likes of one big fight. For the last few years Dana White has been looking for the next new generational fighter that will lead them through the next decayed. Giving the likes of guys like Donald “the old cowboy” Cerrone a 6 fight contract or bringing in a washed up wrestler like CM Punk, who couldn’t beat a first grade mix martial artist in his sleep. Hey Dana I have an idea maybe you should get Michael Jordan to come out of retirement and have McGregor vs Jordan in a pay per view fight to the death in a game of horse. I don’t know what the UFC has up their sleeves in the near future, but I can tell you one thing Dana is not going to fool me with this garbage anymore.

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Giant Bust - Author: Errol Marks - Worldwide Sports Radio Network

Source: Errol Marks/ Worldwide Sports Radio Network/ Down to the Wire/ Below the Mic/

"A Giant Bust"

by  | Jan 8, 2020 | General

Well the Giants are in the news today and its not because they won the lottery thats’s for sure. In the last two weeks since they fired Pat Shurmur the Giant’s decided to retain the likes of the incompetent Dave Gettleman. In that time the organization has been searching for the next coach of the New York football Giants. The Giants since the great Tom Coughlin have held a 23 and 41 record, which is one of the worst in the NFL in the last 4 years. The Giants have had more then a few mishaps in the past few years, if it wasn’t Odell Beckham causing trouble on and off the field it was Josh Brown and his domestic violence situation with his wife. The Giants organization has become the laughing stock of the NFL, taking the circus out of the Jets handbook. The Giants over the last week have interview the likes of Mike McCarthy who was the best available coach this offseason and what he do, well he sign with their arch rival the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants believed all along that Matt Rhule was the guy for their vacant coaching position. Rhule who is a New York native was on the 2012 Giants staff with Tom Coughlin. His New York pet agree was one main reason why Gettleman thought he was a shoe in for the head coaching job. Today they found out the hard way, Rhule decided to sign with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers made sure Rhule was signed and delivered when they flew to his home to meet with him and his family. The Giants never got the chance to interview Rhule before he signed with the Carolina, which is a colossal failure for Gettleman and the Giants organization. 

So what do the a Giants do after striking out twice, well they hire the next best guy New England Patriots wide receiver coach Joe Judge. Most people are probably wondering who the hell is Joe Judge, well your guess is as good as mine. What we do know about him is, that he has been apart of Bill Belichick coaching staff for 8 years. He has won three Super Bowl championships in his tenure with New England and has been praised by Julian Edelman for his growth as a player. Joe Judge will not be Judged quite yet, but he will be Judged on the growth of the Giants young quarterback Danny Dimes. Giants fans might see this hire as a epic failure but only time will tell on his success as the new Giants head man. 

Which Tiger Will Earn Their Stripes - Ryan Hickey (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

Source: Written By: Ryan Hickey - Worldwide Sports Radio Network/ "The Morning Boys" / WWSRN

NEW YORK, N.Y.- It’s almost here. After what feels like forever and a day since the College Football Playoff semifinal games took place, the national championship is right around the corner. The best matchup we’ve seen both on paper and on the field is set to take place in New Orleans as the top ranked LSU Tigers takes on on the defending champions and third ranked Clemson Tigers. 
So which team has the edge going in? Both have identical 14-0 records and have star power all over the field. Below are three keys for each team on how they can leave New Orleans hoisting the championship trophy.    
Three Keys To A LSU Win:
Touchdowns, Not Field Goals: Watching the Fiesta Bowl easily hammers home this point. Ohio State moved the ball up and down the field against Clemson, but continuously settled for field goals, which kept Clemson around. LSU has to score touchdowns once they get inside the 20, which hasn’t been a problem for them this season. LSU has been deadly in the red zone, owning the most efficient red zone offense in the country, scoring at a 97% clip. The Tigers have entered the red zone 70 times, scoring a touchdown 55 times. This is a trend that must continue, especially considering that LSU has already faced three teams with a better red zone defense than Clemson, which is tied for 16th in the country. Red zone efficiency will be a huge key to this game and is a category that favors LSU.

Defensive Confidence: Throughout the year, the Tigers defense has been a question mark and left many, including myself, believing that the defense was holding them back from being a championship level team. Things have changed as LSU has shored up their defense. A big reason for that has been availability, as safety Grant Delpit recovered from an ankle injury, K’Lavon Chaisson is back to 100% and Michael Divinity Jr. will return from suspension to suit up for the Tigers. The narrative has changed dramatically as since the Ole Miss game, where significant doubts that the defense would hold LSU back from winning a national title, the Tigers have allowed just 270.2 yards per game and 14.2 points per game. The Tigers aced their biggest test of the season, holding a potent Oklahoma offense to 200 fewer yards and almost two touchdowns less than their per-game average. The defense is playing with an extreme confidence that will carry into Monday’s game. 
Feed Clyde Edwards-Helaire: The “do it all” back has been virtually unstoppable this season. The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman wrote a great article this week, asking coaches who faced LSU this season how their offense has been so unstoppable. Aside from Burrow, the coaches highlighted Edwards-Helaire as who gives defenses the most problems. The junior running back has rushed for 1,304 yards while adding 50 catches for 399 yards and 17 total touchdowns. Edward-Helaire is a matchup nightmare as he’s a bruiser between the tackles, can speed past linebackers in coverage, run over the cornerbacks who try to tackle him and juke past the safeties that try to corral him. The premier running back should be close to full health after injuring his hamstring in practice leading up to the semifinal game against Oklahoma. If he’s in the mix early and often, it could be a frustrating night for Clemson. 
Three Keys To A Clemson Win:​
Complete Effort: While LSU has played both elite offenses and defenses at different points this season, they have yet to face a team that has both an elite offense and defense. Clemson poses that challenge as their defense is tied for first in the nation in yards per play allowed while the Clemson offense is third in total offense. This balance can put pressure on LSU like they’ve never experienced this season. The best defense against Burrow this season has been offense. While not their specialty, long drives by Clemson can not only can keep the potent LSU offense off the field, but wear down their defense to open up some big plays in the second half. While LSU is more battle tested this season, Clemson has the advantage coming out of that Ohio State game of knowing what it takes to win a game in which all three phases are needed to perform at their highest level. 

Flex Offensive Firepower: Did we all forget that this is the same Clemson offense that shredded Notre Dame and Alabama for a combined 1,020 yards and 74 points in the two Playoff games last year? For all of the hype and attention Burrow and this LSU offense has received, let’s not sleep on this juggernaut of an offense that resides in South Carolina. The Tigers rank third in the country in total yards, fourth in scoring offense and 11th in rushing offense. They have superstars at every level offensively as Trevor Lawrence is the presumed number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Travis Etienne leads the nation at eight yards per carry while both Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross are legitimate No. 1 receivers. LSU has only faced one offense similar to Clemson’s in Alabama and allowed 41 points. LSU has elite offensive talent, but Clemson has a real chance to give the Tigers a taste of their own medicine and put on an offensive explosion in the Superdome. 
Ride The Underdog Wave: Speaking of the Superdome, this national championship game will have a totally different feel than most because of its close proximity to LSU’s campus. Located just over an hour away, New Orleans will be flooded with fans clad in purple and gold. No coach has worked the underdog role more than Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. Dabo lives to be the underdog and has “Little Ol’ Clemson” playing their best when they have a chip on their shoulder. Already underdogs in terms of the betting line and essentially playing a road game in New Orleans, Dabo gets to fire up the disrespect card one last time this season. 
So Who Gets It Done?
The storybook season for Joe Burrow and LSU is leading me to believe more and more that Monday night in New Orleans will be a coronation for the Tigers. I mean even Hollywood couldn’t even write this script of an Ohio kid transferring in and after a decent first year teams up with a young passing game coordinator to produce the single greatest college football season we’ve ever seen from a player and possibly even a team if they can finish the job. 
What’s made me a believer isn’t Burrow or passing coordinator Joe Brady, but the LSU defense steadily improving and peaking at the right time. This combination of a historic offense coupled with a confident defense is enough for me to drink the kool-aid and believe that LSU will get it done Monday night. 

Performance of the Decade - by Tyler Harrison (Worldwide Sports Radio Network)

Source: Written By: Tyler Harrison/WorldWideSportsRadioNetwork/WWSRN

Performance of the Decade

Performance of the Decade

Sitting here looking back at all the amazing, improbable and historic sports moments over the past decade it’s normally very hard for one of them to stand head and shoulders above the rest. This decade does not have this problem. On February 5th 2017 live on Fox from NRG Stadium in Houston we saw this moment unfold right in front of us all. The 14-2 New England Patriots took the field to take on the 11-5 Atlanta Falcons. The Super Bowl was driven by star power Atlanta Quarterback Matt Ryan was coming off his MVP season. All Decade Wide Receiver Julio Jones also with Mohamed Sanu Taylor Gabriel and Austin Hooper. Along with super running back committee Devonta Freeman and Telvin Coleman. Plus young elite defensive stars Dion Jones, Keanu Neal and Grady Jarret. That’s just one side of the equation. 
Patriots were led by All-Century Quarterback Tom Brady and all world coach Bill Belichick. Along with stars Julian Edleman, James White and Danny Amendola. Dont’a Hightower and Trey Flowers led the Patriots defense. All football fans alike were expecting a great football game. Even with Rob Gronkowski out for the game due to injury, and Pro Bowl Cornerback Malcolm Butler being benched the night before, no one could count out the Patriots and the Falcons had an offense that was as hot as any team the Patriots had faced all year. 
The game even started out slow. Game was tied at 0-0 after the 1st quarter. Then the game looked as lopsided as it could be. Atlanta would out score New England 21-3 to end the half, icing on the cake being a Robert Alford 82 yard interception returned the other way for a commanding 21-0 lead. New England would get a Field Goal as time expired to cut the lead to 21-3. 
After a Telvin Coleman rushing touchdown and the 28-3 score with about 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, I had waved the white flag it was over. Tom Brady would answer with a meaningless touchdown drive, after a missed extra point at 28-9 just seemed like Atlanta was walking to a Super Bowl 51 victory. Until Tom Brady being the G.O.A.T went from arguable, to just an unstated fact. The Patriots would go on to outscore Atlanta 25-0. The play of the game being the once in a lifetime trick/luck catch by Julian Edleman. 
James White would end the Super Bowl with a rushing Touchdown to force overtime and win the game in overtime. Tom Brady would end the game with Super Bowl ring #5 with Coach Belichick. The game was Brady’s greatest accomplishment. Since then Brady has added a 6th Super Bowl and has now passed Peyton Manning for 2nd on the Touchdown list all time. All the greats have “THAT” moment. Montana has “The Catch”, Elway has “The Drive.” “28-3” is the moment of the decade not because of the game itself, but because Tom Brady became not only the Athlete of the decade, but the Greatest Quarterback of all time. 
Three Franchises, One Man

Three Franchises, One Man

It’s often mentioned how the National Football League, is now centered around the Quarterback and how having a franchise QB will lift the team from the depths of hell to storied success unmatched by the likes of anything we’ve ever seen. I personally believe Defense will win you championships, but there is no denying that the new shiny toy is a franchise QB. Look at the talent the past several years. Tom Brady, Brett Farve, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Now we have young faces such as Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson and Jared Geoff being the next phase of QB. But through all of these names I have left one off intentionally to see if we get the same reaction. Everyone take a second to read the list again…you probably didn’t but that’s fine…the name off the list I left off intentionally because he alone has changed not one or two but three franchises. Forever. This man? Drafted out of Purdue in the 2nd round…this man is Drew Brees. Hopefully you had one of two reactions, 1 “Oh Yeah” ( to which I must say “HOW”) or two “Dummy Drew Brees only played for 2 teams” to which I respond yes!! You’re 110% right. Drew Brees drafted by then San Diego, now Los Angeles Chargers, and then signed with the New Orleans Saints but the 3rd Franchise maybe not as well known is the Miami Dolphins. And the backstory behind this was a lot to do with Chargers QB and future HOFer Phillip Rivers.
To no fault of Rivers he was a first round draft pick, traded for #1 overall pick Eli Manning, from the New York Giants. Rivers sat his rookie year behind Brees and fan favorite Doug Floutie. Then Head Coach of the Chargers Marty Schottenheimer and General Manager A.J Smith were at war on who should start. Smith in the corner of new and young Phillip Rivers. Schottenheimer in favor of reliable Brees. Brees went on to win 9 games in 2005. In week 17 of a game that meant nothing to the Chargers they would proceed to play Brees where he would injure his shoulder on the final game of the year. Leaving his career and the NFL in limbo. Was Rivers going to be the right choice? Was Rivers the safer option? The Chargers had pieces in place. Rivers first full season under center the team went on to go 14-2. Large part to Hall of Fame running back Ladainian Tomlinson having possible the greatest season ever for a running back. 
But would lose their first playoff game. Ending the Schottenheimer era. And bringing the Norv Turner era to a start. Under Rivers the Chargers have gone as of the writing 122-98 in games he’s played. He’s thrown 58.090 yards 391 Touchdowns to a 193 interceptions with a rating of 95.1. He’s had 27 4th quarter comebacks, and 32 game winning drives. He’s also made 8 pro bowls. 
In a conference that has Peyton Manning Tom Brady and Big Ben that’s impressive. Great numbers. Brees during this span however has Rivers beat in all these stats. And you have to wonder more importantly if maybe the Chargers regret drafting Rivers. No fault of his own. But keeping Brees, LT with Schottenheimer and drafting future no doubt Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald or Phenomenal Safety Sean Taylor would have the Chargers with a future Super Bowl Trophies in their display case instead of relocating to Los Angeles with nothing to brag about. The Chargers however are not the worst offender. 
The most serious violation was committed by the Miami Dolphins. An organization known for being manic and poorly run. Seemed like they had found their marbles in the offseason of 2005. They had flown Drew Brees down and seemed as if they were going to sign Brees until they saw something in his physical they didn’t like. The reason I say they receive the most blame for not signing Brees. Everyone passed on Brees once in the 2001 draft before the 32nd overall pick was selected. However the reason they passed on Brees was well very Dolphin like. They wanted touted corner Jamar Fletcher, ended up playing 3 seasons in Miami. And they also did not think Brees was a significant upgrade over Jay Fiedler. And the biggest reason was former coach Dave Wannstedt wanted QB Josh Heupel. And they believed he would be available much later in the draft. Which he was and was taken in the 6th round. Heupel was a Heisman runner up from Oklahoma. Dolphins then VP Rick Spielman before the draft said “at least 3 people on our staff have seen every snap in his career.” Spielman would tell the Miami Herald after the draft “We thought Drew would be an upgrade over Jay.” “But we don’t think he is that much better. We feel good about Jay. Plus we think we really upgraded our secondary with Jamar.” And again this is why they are the Dolphins. Here’s the list of QB’s Miami has had since Brees went on to sign in New Orleans. Ready.. Dante Culpepper, Trent Green, Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler and now Ryan Fitzpatrick. Miami is currently “Tanking for Tua” however you have to wonder with past QB evaluations are the Dolphins going to pick the right one? It’s been a long time since they drafted Dan Marino. And Miami fans certainly would have loved Drew Brees leading the fins. Not only that but this move most likely keeps Nick Saban in Miami instead of going to Alabama and starting a dynasty. So we could have had 10+ years of Belichick and Brady against Saban and Brees. Selfishly I must admit writing this makes me angry. Damn you Dolphins! Damn you!! Not to mention your team record during this time is a disheartening 93-131. Yay! Miami! 
Obviously we know who ended up with Brees and how it’s working out. Drew Brees paired up with Sean Payton and Tom Benson and rejuvenated the city of New Orleans. Reggie Bush, Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham all benefited playing alongside #9. Brees and Payton have gone 130-82 together. Brees has thrown for 63,880 yards and counting. 452 touchdowns to 184 ints. That gives him a rating of 100.7 30 4th Quarter comebacks and 41 game winning drives. He’s gone to 11 pro bowls, 1 all pro and 1 super bowl championship. Brees is now the league leader in passing yards all-time. He also has several additional records. Most 5,000 yard seasons (2008, 2011-2013, 2016). Most consecutive 4,000 seasons (2006-2017). Also has the best completion percentage all time (67.3) and for a season (74.4). More amazingly Brees has 5 of the top 6 best completion percentages of all time! Safe to say Nick Saban, Miami, and maybe the Chargers regret not signing the Boilermaker. However Brees did end up in New Orleans, and it’s been a fun ride, one that will end with him and Sean Payton together, not just in NOLA, but also in Canton, Ohio. The NFL Hall of Fame. Not bad for a guy who had obstacle after obstacle in his way. Guess you can say his career has been, oh I don’t know. Maybe? A Brees.

Mr. Cooperstown

The day was September 28th 2014. The location was Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Red Sox fans were on their feet and giving a standing ovation for a farewell for the ages. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, this was not David Ortiz’s final game. It was however Derek Jeters. That’s right, a Yankee, hated rival, after 20 seasons of being public enemy number 1, had become, for a day at-least one of their own. He only had 2 at-bats, 1 hit for an rbi. As a DH. But when he was pulled time stopped, and Boston rewarded their arch foe…with that’s right a standing. We didn’t know how often we would see Derek Jeter after that day, but we could bet on at least two more appearances. One is when the Yankees induct him into monument park alongside other Yankee legends. The other is when Jeter would be inducted into Cooperstown, the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. To my surprise, this notion has been challenged quite a bit, and even throughout Jeter’s career, he has been met with a lot of skepticism and judgement. 
On May 29th 1995 Jeter would debut against the Seattle Mariners, he would go 0-5. He’d play 14 more games after that, with the Yankees finally making the playoffs and being knocked out, ironically by the same Mariners. It also ended an era. Don Mattingly was retiring after a long and memorable career. But the team needed a shift. They needed a leader. They needed a young kid, from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They had guys already there with talent. Guys like John Wettland, Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neil. Yankees would also have a huge fusion of youth. Along with Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada would also come up and help take the Yankees to the next level. However in 1996 only one of them won Rookie of the Year. That season Jeter went on to win the ROY award by hitting .314 with a 183 hits and 10 home runs with 78 RBI’s. Jeter would also go on to make his first All-Star Game, he would hit .324 that season finish with 203 hits 19 home-runs and 84 RBI’s. Also led the American League in runs with 127. And led the Yankees to a World Series title. He would also finish that season 3rd in the MVP voting, 1999 was much of the same another year another All-Star appearance, and another World Series title. This year however Jeter would lead the league in hits with 219 and hit a career high .349. Also a career high in home runs with 24 and rbis with 102 … as a lead off man…let this sink in, if that didn’t make you nod your head in appreciation there’s something wrong! 
In 2000 Jeter repeated this same success, All-Star Game, World Series crown, 200 hits, .339 average. This season also saw Jeter make history. As the first player to win the World Series MVP and All-Star game MVP. 2000’s season will be highlighted by his lead off home run against cross town rival, the New York Mets Bobby Jones, which would kill all momentum for the Mets. However Jeter’s greatest highlights would start adding a different nickname. 
Jeter would make the all star game again in 2001, he would also end that season hitting .311 21 home runs and 74 rbis’s. But this is where Jeters’s playoff resume begins to add to his legacy. On October 13th, in Oakland in a pivotal game. Shane Spencer’s throw from the right field wall missed cut off man, Tino Martinez. Normally that ball would bounce an extra 3 or 4 hops and then roll to Jorge Posada. Luckily enough Derek Jeter on this day executed one of the smartest baseball plays ever made. We now call it “The Flip.” 
2001 however during all of this time was bittersweet. On September 11th America would be attacked by a terrorist group, known as Al Qaeda. 2 Air planes would be flown right into both trade centers in the middle of New York City. The country was mourning, New York was mourning just a little more. Families lost loved ones, friends were gone. Rightfully all major sports organizations stopped. Everything stopped. Just a month later. In the biggest stage of them all Derek Jeter once again made history. First major league game ever played in the month of November. First pitch he saw, hit it over the fence. Crowning him Mr.November. Yankeee would go on to lose that World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks. But that moment lives on and Jeter even for a day made not just Yankee fans, or baseball fans forget what they were mourning. But all of America. It was a national sign that “Hey, were gonna get through this.” 
Jeter would continue to make all star and post season appearances from 2002 to 2006. In what I believe to be his best season in 06, Jeter hit .343 had 214 hits 14 Home Runs and 97 RBI’s. He would finish 2nd in voting for the MVP. He would also win another World Series title in 2009. Making his grand total 5. He would make 14 All-Star games in total and would finish 6th all time on career hits with 3,465. Ranks first among shortstops, also won 5 Gold Gloves, 5th most by a shortstop. Postseason rankings are all outstanding. All time leader in postseason games (158), at bats (650), runs (111), hits (200) total bases (302), doubles (32). Jeter is also T-5th in triples, 3rd in home runs (20), 4th in RBI’s (61) and 6th in stolen bases (18th). These stats alone make Jeter an undisputed 1st ballot Hall of Famer.
What’s my favorite Jeter moment? There’s two actually. The first one was the last home game of the old Yankee Stadium. Jeter gave a speech telling the fans of New York that he wants us to continue the honor and tradition of the Yankees across the street. The most recent was his final game at Yankee Stadium, after the game he walked out to shortstop where he stood for 19 seasons before, and just soaked in what he loved. The game, the Yankees and most importantly us! No matter the obstacles Jeter overcame them all in New York. Jeter has had a lot of nicknames over the years, DJ, Captain, Captain Clutch, Mr.November…eh all sound kind of over used. I do have a new one..Mr.Cooperstown. Thanks for the memories Jete!