Coaching the Hurdles From Beginners to Champions

by Jeff McAuley
Coaching the Hurdles From Beginners to Champions offers practical advice on developing hurdlers, regardless of their experience or skill level. This hurdling course looks at the fundamental phases of hurdling and details drills and workouts for improving hurdle technique in each area. This coaching course also includes workouts that focus on developing maximum speed over and between the hurdles. In addition, Coach McAuley reviews the primary technical considerations for the intermediate (300-400m) hurdle events. Among the topics covered:

  • Hurdle skill acquisition
  • Takeoff and landing distances
  • Number of steps between the hurdles
  • So how many steps should my athletes run?
  • Typical takeoff and landing distances
  • Hurdle maximum speed development
  • The 300 & 400 meter hurdles