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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Down and Dirty Secrets To Increasing Your Strength

Increase Strength [From]

4 Secrets To Increasing Your Strength

Here at Hitch Fit, we help individuals lose weight, eat right, gain muscle, and become happy, healthy individuals. Today we’re going to talk about four tips to increasing your physical strength. No matter what program you use, there are always ways to improve on them and make sure you’re pumping as much iron as you can or want to. Check them out below!
1.       Change Positions
Either your hands or feet need to change it up once in awhile. By creating variations, you will work different areas of each muscle, and even different muscles. Get more definition, and increase your range of motion by trying out a different stance once a week. Additionally, move your hands closer together or further apart, and alternate between close, far, and mid-ranges each week. Ensuring that you work your muscle from every direction will ensure a firmer, stronger physique!
2.       Straight Lines Are Your Friends
Any lifting position, on a bench, squatting, or completing deadlifts, should involve the use of imaginary straight lines. The barbell needs to follow a straight line; this not only helps to improve strength, but is also puts your body into natural biomechanical alignment. Get your body strong and healthy by improving muscle strength and natural body alignment.  The strongest lifters in the world, when studied, were shown to lift in a perfect straight line. Like any new workout, it will be hard at first. Persevere, and you will be well on your way to increased strength!
3.       Unstable Surfaces Aren’t Helping You
While lifting on a yoga ball has become a way to build stability, this actually does nothing for your strength. Balancing should come from the ground up, not an unsteady surface up. Muscle size and quality come from working muscles, not attempting to stay steady while lifting. Also, lifting on an unbalanced surface requires your focus to shift from one task to the other. Since you aren’t focusing solely on one area of fitness, you will be lacking in both. Stick to lifting on your feet or a bench press to ensure you are appropriately working your muscles. Want to increase your core strength? Sign up for the Hitch Fit Newsletter and get Diana’s Sexy Abs Routine here!
4.       Percentages Aren’t Everything
Though helpful, percentage charts shouldn’t represent the exact level to pursue next. Focus on that day’s work, and give it all you’ve got! Increasing in small portions is wise, of course, but don’t get out of a decent workout by sticking to the chart. If you can do more – lift it! Leave nothing but your sweat on the floor. Work those muscles as long as you can. You won’t regret it.
Got any more strength training tips? Leave us a comment below with your best weight-lifting experience. At Hitch Fit, we are always striving to bring the best out of our athletes, and look for ways to help them achieve their goals – in fitness and life! Check out what we have to offer and see if an online personal trainer is what you’re missing from your workout routine.

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