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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Vietnamese Police show off Marital Arts and The Ultimate Rape Prevention

[Video]- Vietnamese Police are the most well-trained and skilled in martial arts on their team. That ability are ‘wrapped up’ inside them slender frame and soft!
More details:

The Ultimate Rape Prevention
By: Michael Edward Loftus Sr


In 1992, a burglar tried to rape a sleeping, middle-aged nurse, Curtescine Lloyd, in Edwards, Mississippi. He punched and threatened to kill her unless she submitted to rape. Instead, she grabbed his penis with one hand, his testicles with the other and wrenched them in opposite directions. He screamed and pummeled her some more but she refused to let go. They struggled until she shoved him outdoors half naked.

In 2001, a woman walked into Chicago’s police headquarters holding a pair of testicles she'd bitten off an attacker.

Abi Grant awakened with a burglar on top of her, threatening to kill her, and punching her face. She punched back. She thought she was going to be killed. When he put his tongue in her mouth, she bit it hard and grabbed his penis and dug in her nails. When he tired of hitting her, she used his penis for leverage and managed to head-butt him. He fled.

Even when erect, a penis is merely soft tissue that's attached to a man's body only by weak, blood-engorged, spongy tissue, skin, nerves, and blood vessels – not by bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, or anything at all sturdy. The same goes for the testicles and scrotum. Thus, a man's genitalia are extremely vulnerable.

A rapist's genitalia is within reach of the (unbound) victim – either from behind or in front – and many martial artists claim that it can be easily torn off his body. However, a lack of volunteers to test this theory forces it to remain part of martial arts’ lore. Yet, if you think about it, this very same lack of volunteers makes it blatantly obvious that it's far too dangerous for anyone in his right mind to try finding out – even a failed attempt could maim.

So it's a safe bet that a woman ferociously wrenching a rapist's genitalia like wringing out a washcloth – even one-handed – will seize absolute control of the encounter. With the utmost irony, his fragile tool of crime suddenly becomes his undoing – truly poetic justice.

Or, if you're forced to perform fellatio, his penis or testicles can easily be bitten off. Either biting off or tearing off his genitalia will cause a rapist to suffer severe pain, blood loss, reactive shock, and panic. In all likelihood, he'll frantically scramble to get away from you – especially if you keep furiously attacking him until you suddenly flee – and the police will easily find him when he desperately seeks attention at a hospital.

If he tries to kiss you, bite into his lips until your teeth meet – chomp down as hard as possible – then vigorously shake your head side-to-side to cause maximal damage. Then immediately attack him furiously to ensure your escape.

While calmly reading this, you may feel that maiming a rapist is too gruesome an act for you. That, of course, is your decision – though you'll likely feel very differently during an actual attack. Yet you still have a very powerful option: grabbing his genitalia with a crushing grip and holding on until you can maneuver him into a situation from which you can safely escape – as did Curtescine Lloyd in Rape-Escape-Options

Michael Edward Loftus Sr – – Learning from Victims All Rights Reserved © Copyright

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