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Monday, February 12, 2018

CoachTube.com Presents: Offensive Line Drills - Sled Work - Ed Warinner

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING: Follow along in this video as highly-respected offensive line coach Ed Warinner shares one of his favorite offensive line drills when it comes to working with the sled. Get the inside knowledge from one of the best coaches in the business as he teaches you his secrets of playing offensive line at an elite level. Click the link above to watch the whole thing!

Get 40 of the best pass blocking drills available from the Championship Productions' library. 
This football coaching course will help coaches at all levels quickly find specific areas they need to target to develop explosive and strong pass blockers. Even if you're at the top of your conference or division, refining technique with these high level drills will give your players the quality instruction and reps they need to keep improving. 

The 40 drills included cover all schemes and styles and will provide a direct benefit to your players this season. If your players aren't trained correctly, they will fatigue quicker and be more susceptible to faltering in the second half of games.

This course is loaded with mirror drills, punch drills for hand-eye coordination, and lateral movement drills for molding your linemen into the best pass blocking group in your league. Powerhouse programs at the college and high school level have used these drills to maintain a high level of success on the field. 

Every championship team starts and ends with a great offensive line. The drills in this collection will help any coach interested in improving and solidifying his pass protection.
James Burk been involved in strength and conditioning for over 16 years. His experience has ranged from adolescents to being a college strength and conditioning coach. Burke hold 9 certifications in the area of strength and conditioning. He was named 2006 high school strength and conditioning coach of the year.

Steve Greatwood has over 30 years of coaching experience, including stints in the NFL (St. Louis Rams) and at three different colleges (Oregon, USC, Maryland). Widely regarded as one of the premiere offensive line coaches in college football today, Greatwood was named the National Offensive Line Coach of the Year by the American Football Coaches Association in 2008.

Ed Warinner has 27 years of coaching experience and in 14 of the last 19 seasons he has coached the offensive lines at Army, Air Force, Kansas, Illinois and Notre Dame. He has directed offenses that led the nation in rushing (Air Force, 2002), were tops in Big Ten Conference rushing (Illinois, 2006) and ranked second in the nation in scoring (Kansas, 2007). 

Brent Key is an American college football coach and former player, currently the assistant head coach, offensive line coach, and recruiting coordinator of the UCF Knights.
Key is widely regarded as one of the top assistant coaches in the country, and is believed to be the heir apparent to George O'Leary.

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