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Sunday, February 11, 2018

BPI Sports Featuring: 1.M.R™ - Your Workout Deserves More

1MR is designed to power you through rep after rep, no matter what exercise you're performing. The newest BPI Sports pre-workout ultra concentrated formula will push you to your own limits, taking you to that next level where the real transformations happen. You'll be flying around the gym, jumping from set to set, exercise to exercise. So get ready to have your muscles pumped to the max, be mentally focused and dialed in, maximizing every single effort you make to lift heavier, work out longer and train harder. UNMATCHED INTENSE ENERGY FORMULA FOR ELEVATED FOCUS, STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE All-in-one, extremely intense, powerful pre-workout formula to boost energy, improve focus, elevate performance and increase strength and power! INTENSE ENERGY and STAMINA 1.M.R™ will raise your energy levels through the roof so you can power through anything. Think full-steam-ahead, jumping from one set to another, keeping you eager to train rep after exhaustive rep. UNRIVALED FOCUS and; MENTAL CLARITY This powerful pre-workout gets you in the precise zone for next level result, working out with purpose and direction every time. With CHP-Choline and GABA, you'll be dialed in from the very first rep with tunnel-like vision and unrivaled focus. INCREASED STRENGTH and PERFORMANCE Thanks to an extreme combination of performance-enhancing ingredients including GBB-EEC, 1.M.R™ helps you maximize strength gains and athletic endurance to help you get a lean, hard physique. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT and RECOVERY This amplified pre-workout formula boasts theobromine, Yohimbe and L-Carnitine to potentially help with promoting fat loss and managing bodyweight, not to mention increase fat oxidation and speeding up recovery.

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