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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

More Evidence As To Why It's A Good Idea To Be A Tactically Trained Athlete and Warrior Presented on US Sports Net By Tactical P.E.

Mixed martial arts: MMA fighter stops mugger; Mover KO antagonist with MMA moves - Compilation

1. Sep 3, 2015 — Female MMA fighter Monique Bastos was mugged for her cell phone, but one of the muggers got a rude awakening when she fought back and held him in leg lock until police came.

2. Dec 22, 2015 — A U-Haul mover with some serious MMA skills dropped a man, who was disrupting their work, on his head.

3. Apr 1, 2015 — Ramin Zeynalov, a 27-year-old mixed martial artist died this week after his opponent dealt him a fatal punch during an amateur MMA event held in his home country of Azerbaijan, various sports blogs have reported.

4. Jul 28, 2014 — Mayura Dissanyake’s day job is to work as a cashier clerk, but this crime-fighting MMA aficionado helped ward off thieves at a convenience store in Houston’s south side

5. May 21, 2015 — An MMA fighter stopped a suspected bank robber in the Tampa Bay area and left him tied up in duct tape until police arrived to arrest the man, according to reports.

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 The Importance of Combat Training

By: Melville Jackson

Most people who want to become self sufficient in self defense believe that they’re well off if they have had a course in Karate or Tae Kwondo. Valuable though these are, they are not nearly enough in a life-death situation. In a street situation, a fighter’s mettle is truly tested, when he or she is pitted against the worst, the toughest and the most heinous.

When a person finds themselves in a perilous situation where self defense could mean the difference between life and death, the rigors of Karate or other such systems fail. The assailer may be heavier and stronger. Worse, there could be more than one of them and they could even have a deadly weapon like a knife or chains.

One-on-one combat training is what people need in such a situation.

Combat training teaches a person to defend themselves under the most stressful and dangerous of conditions. It consists of a number of training practices specific to self defense and attack.

A person who enrolls for combat training is offered:
1.Physical combat readiness training
2.Physical conditioning including activities that build self confidence and strength building
3.Combat training for survival in water
4.Competitive conditioning activities
5.Evaluation of performance and strength

Combatants need to learn how to fight and defend themselves under the most testing conditions, over rugged terrain and in the most unfavorable weather conditions.

The physical demands of combat training are quite challenging. That is why physical combat training is divided into three primary elements, namely, lower body strength training, upper body strength training and stamina, and competitive training.

It is quite obvious that endurance, flexibility, stamina, moving quickly and stealthily, handling and fighting against weapons, climbing walls and getting past obstacles are some of the most important features of combat training. But, that is not all.

A big part of the readiness to fight and give it your best is a conditioning of the mind. A combative spirit and aggressiveness can greatly enhance the physical strength and fitness gained through exercises and practice.

Combat training from an expert can give trainees a number of important benefits. For instance, the expert teaches you combat readiness which includes technical fitness without which defense effectiveness suffers. Without the psychological readiness to fight, combatants will never possess all the skills needed to defend themselves. Without sufficient physical fitness, the combatant lacks the confidence and the skill to defend themselves. Only an expert can provide all the elements of effective combat training.

Combat training is a necessity for men and women who live in a fast-paced, dangerous and insecure world, where each of us are exposed to increasing amounts of violence everyday. The important thing to remember is that your life and the life of those dear to you are precious, and all it takes is a moment to lose it all. Sometimes, being prepared is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones.

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