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Friday, October 4, 2019

Munroe Global Featuring: Discovering The Principles of Effective Fathering | Dr. Myles Munroe and The Deciding Witness

You can purchase the complete album via the link below. Available in CD, DVD, MP3 and MP4

Why Honor Fathers Volume 2 Titles:
Disc 1 – The Roles Of A Perfect Father Part 2
Disc 2 – The Responsibilities Of A Perfect Father
Disc 3 – Discovering The Principles Of Effective Fathering
Disc 4 – The Generational Power Of Fathers

The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood. Men were designed by God to fulfill the role of a father in the lives of those around him. Dr. Myles Munroe explains that although every man is called to be a father, knowing how to live in this purpose is not automatic. Men must understand the characteristics and master the skills of fatherhood. Fulfilling the position and role they were created for means exhibiting qualities of leadership, integrity, responsibility, and obedience to the ultimate Father of fathers, our Father God in heaven. (Video below)

The Deciding Witness

In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

Matthew 18:16

You've been there many times, standing in the valley of decision. Perched precariously between victory and defeat. On one side of you is the word of the world authored by Satan that says, for example, "You're not going to get healed." On the other side of you, the Word of God is saying, "My Word is yea and amen" and "By whose stripes, ye were healed" (1 Peter 2:24). Who will determine how it all turns out? You will. You're the establishing witness.
I remember a fellow once who wanted me to pray for him. I said, "Now the Word says you're healed." He interrupted me and said, "Yeah, I know it says that, but I've got this terrible pain here...."
I looked him in the eye and said again, "The Word says, 'By His stripes, you were healed.'"
"I know it," he answered, "but I've got this terrible...."
I shook my head. "Listen, the Word says you're healed!"
He turned beet red. "I know it says that, but I've got this...."
Finally, he stopped and stared at me. He didn't realize it, but he'd allowed his physical symptoms to become his evidence. It was what he believed. No matter what the Word said, he believed the thing he could see and feel.
But when he got quiet, I said to him, "Look, you're wanting me to agree with you and you're mad because I won't. But if I agree with you, you're going to die. Now if you'll agree with me and the Bible, we can get you healed."
Suddenly he saw it. His eyes lit up. "Oh, praise God! I see what you mean. I agree with the Word of God!"
I put my hands on his head and God healed him instantly.
You see, when he finally decided to get in agreement with God, he could have received in his bedroom or driving down the road or anywhere else. He could have received any time he decided to become the establishing witness.
You pray and establish your witness. That's your part. If you'll do it, God will back you—and when He backs you, everything else either has to get in line or get out of the way.
You're the deciding witness. What do you say?
Scripture Reading:
Matthew 18:15-20

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