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Friday, October 4, 2019

BBcom Featuring: Lower Body Workout w/ Gliding Discs | Katie Chung Hua

Image result for Lower Body Workout with/ Gliding Discs | Katie Chung Hua 
Here's a lower body workout from fitness model Katie Chung Hua. You can do this workout for your booty and legs at-home or anywhere else using gliding discs! (Video below)

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| Katie Chung Hua's Lower Body Workout w/ Gliding Discs | 
1. Lunges 
2. Side Lunges 
3. In-Out Jump Squat 
4. Hamstring Curls 
5. In-Out Planks 
6. Princess Lunge 
7. 1/2 Leg Circles

Muscle, Inc.: How Dany Garcia Built Her Body and an Empire

Dany Garcia has had a lifelong passion for bodybuilding and fitness. Learn how that devotion has underpinned her spectacularly successful career and what prompted her to prep for a bodybuilding contest herself.

Muscle, Inc.: How Dany Garcia Built Her Body and an Empire

"You don't win on the day of competition," says Dany Garcia in the opening sequence of the Instagram TV series that chronicles her personal journey to the physique stage. "It takes months and months and months of preparation. You have to win in the gym first."
For Garcia, that "win in the gym first" mentality applies equally to her life and career. She is the founder, CEO, and chairwoman of The Garcia Companies and TGC Management, as well as the co-founder, along with Dwayne Johnson, of Seven Bucks Productions. Bodybuilding fans may recognize Seven Bucks for the documentary it produced on the 2018 Olympia Weekend. Along with bringing a cinematic grandeur to that storied event, Seven Bucks is also responsible for NBC's hit show The Titan Games, not to mention numerous other high-profile film and TV projects, most recently the action blockbuster "Hobbs & Shaw."
Garcia and Johnson recently made waves in the bodybuilding space by announcing the creation of a new Olympia/Arnold-style fitness weekend, dubbed Athleticon, set to debut in Atlanta on October 9-11, 2020.
Underpinning it all, Garcia says, is her training, usually under the watchful eye of her husband, Dave Rienzi of Rienzi Strength and Conditioning in Sunrise, Florida. The IGTV series may be on a smaller scale than the blockbuster films and hit television shows she's produced, but when I recently talked with Garcia, it was clear that it was a very personal labor of love for her.
Here's what drives this unstoppable achiever in the gym, and how her training helps her "pretty much kill it" in the rest of her life, too.p and helping it to evolve.....Keep reading......

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