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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Real World Police Presented on US Sports Net By TacFit Survival Featuring: U.S. Marshals & Las Cruces Police Shooting of Juan Angel Piñedo

[The OIS sequence begins at 35:16] Juan Angel Piñedo sealed his fate at approximately 6:00 pm on September 27, 2018. Surrounded by U.S. Marshals and heavily armed officers of the Las Cruces Police Department, Piñedo ignored more than a dozen commands to stay away from the handgun he had accidentally dropped during the preceding foot pursuit.
 Piñedo, age 32, had led officers on a chase for several blocks and was on the run for much longer before that. But on the evening of September 27th Piñedo ran across the Las Cruces High School campus and found himself caught. Disobeying both commands and normal logic, Piñedo rapidly spun around and reached for the gun he had dropped. Officers fired a combined 18 shots at Piñedo, four of which hit their target. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 
Piñedo was wanted by police prior to the incident after he was suspected of pointing a handgun at his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. As a felon Piñedo was not allowed to possess a firearm, but that charge was one of many that he faced from multiple incidents. His photograph had been run on television and it took a police manhunt to pin him down.
 U.S. Marshals had located Pinedo at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment earlier in the day, but they did not have a warrant and she would not allow them entry. Officers set up a perimeter and about a half-hour later witnessed Pinedo jump from the second-floor window of the apartment complex armed with a gun. He landed in the parking lot and fled on foot.
 This video presents a variety of scenes and perspectives relating to the manhunt and eventual shooting of Juan Angel Pinedo. Additional footage to come. 
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