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Monday, July 8, 2019

Real World Police Presented by TacFit Survival - Racist Tirade Against Asian Cop By Ex-"Love & Hip Hop" Star Benzino #TMZFail
[Benzino's racist tirade begins with a single word around 12:18 and is in full swing by 18:25. Things really get crazy around 20:56 - 21:12, and they somehow manage to escalate even further from there.]
 Now, before everyone starts writing "What's a Benzino?" I have to confess that until a few days ago I was happily ignorant myself. But there is never a good reason to fall for the "I don't know them so they are not famous" fallacy. So let's figure out who this guy is. 
Per Wikipedia, Raymond Scott, better known by his stage name Benzino and widely commented on for his mostly-absent neck, is an American hip hop media executive and record producer. He is known for having appeared on VH1 reality TV series Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and TV One original series The Next :15. 
Benzino is also known for being involved, since 2003, in a widely publicized feud with rapper Eminem as Benzino called him "2003 Vanilla Ice". Since then the pair have been creating diss tracks about each other, including Benzino's "Pull Your Skirt Up" and "Die Another Day" or Eminem's "The Sauce" and "Nail in the Coffin."
 A co-owner of The Source, Benzino was also a founding member of rap groups The Almighty RSO and Made Men. Unrelated... I wonder what was in those pills in his pocket?
 Much more relevant, Raymond "Benzino" Scott appears to not like Asian people. At least, one very generalized Asian police officer. I can only imagine what a relief it must have been for Benzino to have TMZ cover his arrest... and for him to realize that TMZ's BOMBSHELL story - titled "Benzino's nuclear meltdown" - was all about the fact that he had uttered a single offensive sentence to the female officer. 😂
 Not quite, TMZ... 
It appears that TMZ only managed to get their hands on one of the body worn camera videos capturing Benzino's arrest. Because that video happened to be from the female officer's body-worn camera, it missed the entirety of Benzino's true "nuclear meltdown."
 "Pork fried rice face"
 "Jackie Chan midget gook"
 "We should have killed you all in Vietnam"
 "Can I get an order of egg foo young?"
 And plenty more that would get this video removed and not just demonetized (like it already is, of course)
 If you make it all the way there, the end of this video is in many ways the most unbelievable part. After all the time Benzino spends screaming about the arresting officer's mother, wanting to fight the arresting officer, wanting to sue the arresting officer, and various Chinese food dishes, he then issues the most half-hearted apology ever [because - no shit - he did actually get a ticket]... which is met with "We're cool" by the arresting officer. It seems that as far as Benzino is concerned, nothing really happened. 
Hey you! Yes, you. You piece of shit. Put the A/C on? 
**The above is intentionally more opinionated than the usual video description on Real World Police. Why? Simple: I didn't want to write a neutral article about the kind of behavior seen in this video. Things will be back to normal with the next video. (Just wanted to acknowledge and own the change in tone.)
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