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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

US Sports High School Football Featuring-UTR Bingham High (UT) vs Mountain Pointe (AZ) - Polynesian Football Hall of Fame Games

Bingham High (UT) vs Mountain Pointe (AZ) - Polynesian Football Hall of Fame Games - 2018 [Full Game Highlights and More Below]

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Questions from New Functional Training for Sports and FSC 6

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I got a few questions from someone who had bought New Functional Training for Sports
so, I figured, why not make it into a blog post? So, here goes.
1. What is your opinion about RFESS jumps? Can they be used to develop power?
I love rear foot elevated split squat jumps as well as explosive step ups as power exercises. We do both

2. Why do you emphasize a 5 second holds in quadruped opposite extensions and other exercises?
We use five second holds to eliminate momentum and cheating. My old friend Al Visnick ( a PT) once said “if you want to develop stabilizers, you need to give them time to stabilize”.
3. Why you do not want your athletes and clients to hold plank for longer than 30 seconds?
In a word, because it’s boring. I just can’t see any reason to do it.
4. What number exercise ratios would you suggest between anti-rotation, anti-extension and anti-lateral flexion exercises? Are there any recommended stability levels?
Ideally I’d love to have 2 of each per week. In a four day program we can generally do that. In a two day we might get one anti-extension and one anti-lateral flexion.

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