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Monday, September 3, 2018

Minding Your Business-Social media marketing in sports | Colton Kaplan | TEDxSanMiguelHighSchool

With social media dominating the way news is shared and communications are made, Mr. Kaplan highlights how impactful it is especially with sports teams. He explains not only the development of social media in this context but also shares how teams can successfully use social media to promote their brands. [Video Below] Colton Kaplan is from Chicago, Illinois and is currently a freshman at the University of Arizona. He is a pre-business student, intending to major in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and receive a certificate in Sports Management from the Eller College of Management. His favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Basketball team. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Product Launch Plan - 5 Steps for a New Product Launch
By: Freddy Fortunes

How do you ensure that your product launch plan is right, and you're going to create a buzz in the market before new product launch?

In this article I am going to describe 5 steps for a successful launch, and then I will talk even more about how to complete all these steps, in the sources mentioned below.

# 1 Find Joint Venture Partners

A joint venture essentially brings value and profit to both ends it is a win-win situation.

For instance, you may have a hot product but no money to advertise it. Since your product launch plan must include an advertising budget or plan, you could simply take your product to someone with a large mailing list who will do a joint venture with you, and spend their own money and efforts to market your product to their list in return for 50% to 60% of all sales made. Your joint venture partner creates revenue from a product they did not have to create and you make profits without spending any money or efforts in promotion.

# 2 You Need a Good Product

In order to do successful product launches and to find JV partners, you must have a sizzling HOT product with a high profit margin.

Once a potential joint venture partner is the right fit, it is easy to set up a deal sending them a letter, fax, or email explaining your proposal.

#3 You must have a loyal customer list.

If you have a list of customers, then your new product launch will be a sinch. Your mailing list is the most valuable asset for your product launch plan.

If you do not have a list you can always buy solo ads ads from other people who have big lists. To find solo ads check out online.

When setting up your solo ads be sure to find reputable people to buy from, and ask for screenshots of their email open rates, and list sizes. For example, you could ask to see a screenshot of the stats from a recent solo ad they sent out.

If they are serious and really want to provide you with a good solo ad, they will be happy to send these screenshots to you.

#4. A good product launch plan includes paid advertising and tests

A good first step is to test your landing pages and sales funnel yourself using solo ads mentioned above.

What you are trying to accomplish with all of this online testing is a high earnings per click (EPC) rate.

If you are paying 30 cents for every click to your site, and you make over 30 cents earnings per click from your sales funnel then you are profitable.

So in reality, the higher your EPC is compared to your affiliates cost per click (CPC), the easier it is to find super affiliates for your new product launch.

# 5 Advertise Your New Product Launch to Potential JVs

You need to know how to find thousands of joint venture partners before you actually launch. One way is to hire a JV broker which can be expensive and they will want a cut of the profits. A more cost effective way is to advertise yourself and manage the partners yourself, or hire someone to be your JV manager, or affiliate manager.

JVBillboard offers you a fast and easy way to promote your new product launch to potential affiliates or partners looking for new profitable JV opportunities.

Finding places like this online is crucial in getting the word out about your upcoming launch, and is essential for any well built product launch plan.

Hopefully these 5 tips will bring you success.

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