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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Yahoo Small Business Presents: PPV Advertising - Tips And Strategies

By: Thushyanthan Amirthalingam


Paid marketing using PPV advertising is highly targeted advertising using AdWare. Adware is typically installed as part of other software packages. Unlike Spyware, AdWare is legitimate software and is legal.

Many people know about "sponsored links" and advertising using search engines but may not be aware of AdWare advertising. AdWare has been with us for a very long time. Here is a brief recollection of how AdWare appears on our computers.

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AdWare - When And How

About 15 to 20 years ago, when there were many ISPs providing internet access, users were given free internet if they agreed to view ads every so often.

By analyzing your browsing tendencies, the AdWare software makes suggestions on products and ads you can purchase. E.g. when searching for "trucks", the adware will detect this. The software then shows you relevant ads for "Ford" or perhaps even "Jeep" depending on what you were previously browsing.

AdWare was originally intended to be beneficial to the user by showing content that was relevant to the user. Of course, the internet changed and evolved and our browsing habits did too. Thus, AdWare networks grew and presented another way to market products.

PPV Advertising Through AdWare

Typically, most adware is bundled with the installation packages of online games. AdWare components are installed alongside some online games that you would perhaps find on Facebook and other online venues. Usually, the adware is installed as a "toolbar".

Today, adware is a legal method by which marketers advertise online.

PPV advertising is not quite as popular as PPC advertising.

Both are keyword targeted but PPV advertising can also target URLs. PPC advertising can be costly but PPV may be significantly cheaper and still be highly relevant and targeted.

PPV Advertising - Tips

PPV advertising works the same way as PPC advertising. Online marketers begin by bidding on specific keywords and phrases. The more popular or broad the keyword, the higher the price.

An added advantage of PPV advertising is that you can bid on URLs. These PPV advertising tips may benefit your current marketing campaigns.

First gather some keywords that you are researching. Now use those same keywords and plug them into the search engines. Instead of using keywords and bidding on those, we are more interested in finding out the relevant URLs that show up in the search results.

Since there are probably billions of URLs, selecting 10-20 keyword specific URLs per keyword will get you good results. Now, instead of bidding on the keywords, bid on the URLs.

It is likely that you can ensure that your bids will cost about 2-3 cents per view! These URLs for your PPV advertising are highly relevant and targeted to your keywords and this can be a LOT cheaper than PPC advertising.

PPV Advertising Thoughts

PPV advertising happens when browsing. You will see either pop-up or pop-under windows. For a lot of people, this behaviour interrupts their normal browsing. Your target may be annoyed by this perceived interruption.

Since it is an interruption, you need to make sure that what you offer is of high value and relevancy to the user. What this means is that unlike PPC advertising, PPV advertising will not have strong CTR numbers.

Make sure that your PPV advertising is very congruent and provides relevant information. If value is presented in your PPV advertising URL or keyword term, your target will be less likely to close the browser window..

PPV advertising is a great way to begin with paid marketing online. Your PPV advertising efforts are greatly enhanced with keyword research, excellent copy and patience. Best of luck!

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