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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Truth About Cancer-Cancer Survivor Story - Lori Ball - Ovarian Cancer

Lori and Dave’s cancer survivor story began in December of 2015 when Lori was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lori was a health nut just as her father was, so when she got this news, it rocked their world because they felt they had always eaten right and exercised regularly.

After they received the news, and still being in shock, the doctor suggested that she have surgery. They decided to hold off so they could do more research and try to find a natural cure for ovarian cancer.

During this time, the doctor scheduled ovarian cancer treatment of 6 cycles of chemotherapy for 18 weeks with an IV and IP drip.

Lori and Dave had also been following Ty Bollinger’s and the information from A Global Quest advice and realized that their diet contained too much sugar which could be one of the causes of ovarian cancer.

After the surgery, they switched to an anti-cancer diet where they cut out all carbohydrates among other things.

They also did the PEMF therapy which is pulsed electromagnetic therapy and is popular in East and Western Europe.

Lori is now cancer free and continues her ovarian cancer prevention and healthy living.

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