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Six Pack Abs Plan for Women

Well I am SO proud of this gorgeous gal and her spectacular transformation! Holly had not done much for strength training prior to meeting her fiance Kevin. She decided to do a Hitch Fit family challenge with him and son Frankie! What has been so much fun about this transformation is seeing Holly grow not just in physical strength, but in confidence in herself. She is STRONG. And she tackles every new challenge that’s handed to her!! She gained some beautiful muscle through this process and dropped body fat down to 10% from a starting point of 16%. What is so cool is fiance Kevin proposed on the day of her after pix…and that was captured on video, which I will share below! Congratulations to Holly for the amazing transformation, so proud of her and love working with her! And congrats to both Kevin and Holly for the engagement and for a wonderful blessed marriage to come!
Holly’s Stats: 
Starting weight: 110
Ending weight: 105
Starting body fat: 16%
Ending body fat: 10%

Holly’s Fiance Kevin proposed to her on the day of their “After” Photos! 

Check out Holly’s Fiance Kevin’s Transformation Here!

Fitness Model Abs - Before and After Six Pack Abs Plan for Women
Six Pack Abs Plan for women - Before and After Fitness Model Abs
Before and After Fitness Model Plan for Women
Holly’s Story:
“Before starting my Hitch Fit journey and before I met my fiancĂ©, Kevin, I had never worked out a day in my life.  Every once in a while I would decide to lose a few pounds and jump on a cardio machine at a local YMCA and cut my diet down to below 1000 calories.  My diet usually consisted of “healthy” crackers, cheese and yogurt.  I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I needed to do something.  My energy levels were low and overall I wasn’t satisfied with the way my body looked.  I would come home from work so tired I would need a nap to make it through the evening.  It was hard to keep up with my young daughters and if asked I’m sure they would say I was always grouchy.
Three and a half years ago I met Kevin and that’s when things started to change.  One of the first things I noticed was his energy.  He always had a ton of energy.  He would run a business, workout, meal prep and still have energy at the end of the day.  I was barely making it through a work day at that time.  He introduced me to the Hitch Fit meal plan he was doing with Micah.  I picked it up instantly because, honestly, I was hungry!  I noticed my energy levels increased just from changing my diet.  I felt better and noticed that I started losing some weight.   I have always been pretty small but my poor eating habits during my early twenties had me gaining weight in places I didn’t want to.
Once I had changed my diet and had a little more energy Kevin encouraged me to add in some kind of physical activity.  He told me this would give me more energy and I would feel better.  I decided to take his advice and picked the laziest (or so I thought) form of physical activity I could find, yoga.  I joined a local yoga studio and started using an online thirty day strength building program.  After completing the thirty day program I was hooked.  I noticed a huge increase in my flexibility, strength, mental focus and my mood was overall better.  I really enjoyed yoga and wanted to start learning inversions.  After trying and failing at some of the harder inversions I realized more upper body strength was what I needed to take it to the next level.  I decided to try some weight training in the gym but felt lost in the weight room.  I didn’t know how to structure a workout and I had no idea about correct form.  I was losing my motivation because I wasn’t even sure I was on the right track to building strength.  When I mentioned this to Kevin he said Frankie (his son) was having the same problems.  He came up with the idea of us doing a family Hitch Fit challenge, setting goals and meeting with a trainer.  I was nervous because I hadn’t ever worked with a trainer but figured I needed the help and jumped on board.
January 2017 I joined Kevin and his son Frankie on a family Hitch Fit challenge.  The three of us picked a goal and a trainer and together we were going to help each other stick to our goals.  I met with Diana once a week and we would go over my diet.  She would tell me what I needed to adjust to stay on track.  She sent me specific workouts to do and told me how many times I needed to do them during the week.  I learned correct form through meeting with her weekly.  I no longer felt lost working out.  I felt confident at the gym because I would go in with a plan and I knew if I followed her plan I would meet my goals. Taking progress pictures and seeing results kept my motivation high.
I’m happy to say that all three of us met our personal goals.  Kevin and I dropped our body fat percentage and Frankie gained muscle mass.  We successfully completed our 15 week transformation and I love how I feel and I’m addicted to seeing my body transform in ways I never thought it would.  Since the completion of our program we have all stuck with the Hitch Fit lifestyle, eating according to plan and continue to work out.  I am also proud to say I have started another program with Diana.  I’m very thankful for all Micah and Diana have done for me and my family and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to change their life.”
Six Pack Abs Plan
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