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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs- Fit Over 40

I am so excited to share with you Kevin’s Transformation.  In Only 14 weeks with Hitch Fit he Transformed His Body and Life!! Throughout he worked so hard and followed the nutrition plan.  Most importantly his family joined and transformed their bodies and health too!!
Starting Weight-223 lbs, 14% Body Fat, 36 3/4″ Stomach
14 Week Results– 208.5 lbs, 6.7% Body Fat, 32 3/4″ Stomach
Kevin’s Testimonial
It is commonly known by many that before starting a journey: ‘begin with the end in mind’. However, I have later learned that it is more vitally important to ‘begin with a proper purpose in mind’. See, we never can tell for certain how things will end up, no matter how well we plan our course. With true purpose, though, it is less about ‘the end result’ and more about the ‘journey’. This is my Hitchfit story and journey. I have worked with Micah and the Hitchfit Team before. I have adopted and worked his meal plans and dieting tips into my daily life with much success, and have done so since 2011. By incorporating these lifestyle changes, my overall health and energy level have improved greatly and I will forever feel a gratitude for the knowledge that he has shared with me. I was not interested in competing or in developing massive muscles.
At age 42, parenting 3 teenagers and running several businesses, my only goal was to stay healthy and feel great. But my journey doesn’t begin or end with me. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of parenting a teenager can attest to the fact that teens rarely listen to what they are told to do. No matter how many times you tell them, no matter how loud you scream, no matter how forceful you may become — teenagers march to the beat of their own drum. I have found that the only chance a parent may have in breaking through to them is to become the change you want to see in your child. When I discovered that my teenage son was being heavily peer pressured to use steroids, and after several lengthy discussions regarding the long-term damage that steroid use at his age (or any age for that matter) can create, I sent him to talk with Micah to gain fresh perspective. This was very helpful but the results were only temporary. My son had larger aspirations and a thirst for knowledge in fitness. So, to help guide him properly throughout his new journey, I decided to embark on it WITH him. His goal was to gain muscle and mass and my goal was to get cut-up and trim down. We set our plan for 12 weeks to include weekly personal training with the Hitchfit staff, a comprehensive diet that was tailored to help us meet our specific personal goals and provide accountability along the journey. It was clear from the beginning that this path was full of sacrifice and hard work. Every day of the journey was full of possible excuses and temptations to not stick with our program. Individually, we would have been more susceptible to them, but working closely together as a family unit, we were stronger and they were easier to overcome. was also very pleased that my girlfriend decided to join us on our fitness journey. Although she was very new to the fitness lifestyle, she fully embraced a meal and workout plan. She set her own goals to be congruent with my son and me. She was willing to work, make sacrifices, be passionate, encourage us, and support us. She demonstrated beyond any doubt that she is truly a part of and is fully committed to our close-knit family.
 I’ve found that during good times, easy times, near any type of finish line that it is easy to find fans, friends and loved ones. However, try finding a lot of those same people when you are taking your first steps and success is uncertain. Try finding those same people when the journey is a daunting uphill battle and the load is heavy. Try finding those same people when there are struggles in your life and you could use support. Some are nowhere to be found. But this girl was there from the very first step right up to the very last step. Holly SHOWED me that she can be a partner for the long haul. In good times and bad. Not just words. …that is why at the end of our journey I wanted to give her the same level of commitment and dedication that she has shown me and my family. She is who I choose as a partner in life through marriage. So for me and my family the pictures look great at the end. My son gained his muscle and Holly and I trimmed the fat.
The after pictures turned out better than we had hoped and we are all very pleased with the results. But these results are mere sandcastles in the tides of time. They are not guaranteed to last forever. No matter how hard we hold on to these physical results they will eventually fade with age and time. What will never tarnish, however, is our experience and the steps we took together down the same road. The true gift was less about the end-result and EVERYTHING about the journey. We will never forget about the journey and the unexpected gifts it has provided our family. We thank Micah, Diana, Joel and the entire Hitchfit Team immensely; we could not have done it without them.
The Marconi Family
Kevin Kicking Major Butt In The Gym

Kevin’s Favorite Program- Fitness Model

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