Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today's SWOD Has Got That Swing!

Good Morning Athletes and Warriors!
Getting things started bright and early today because we care, and I have an early appointment today so why not reach out to my Athlete and Warrior Nation a little earlier than usual! :)

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Okay let's get to the SWOD as many of you are hitting the links, its important to get yourself into your best condition year round so that not only can you smack that little white sphere 300 + yards or more, but more importantly play without injury or ailment. That requires a specific program designed to address performance, action, recovery, rest, nutrition and more.

You will get all of these pieces together as one of our online clients. Click here, fill out the fitness profile form to get your custom workout today.

Okay let's get to your  SERIOUS WORKOUT OF THE DAY Golf Strength and Conditioning workout. Remember to talk to your doctor before engaging in any fitness program. Now enjoy the rest of your hump day!
Today's workout will be from the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning Sports Specific Golf Program. This sample is Day 1 of Week 2 of the 3 Day Health Club Program.

-Coach Nate.


The Golf Programs are designed for those wanting to achieve fitness, and, to improve their performance on the golf course! Millions of people enjoy playing golf and what better way is there to get in shape than to perform an exercise program that takes into account the specific movements and physical demands of the great game of golf.
The first available golf workout is our "Dumbbell Golf Program". This program can also be done just about anywhere! It is an excellent program for those who want more physical development and wish to train at home. Training with dumbbells requires more balance and control to perform the required exercises. It also enhances functional strength development for injury prevention.
The second available golf workout is our “Health Club Golf Program”. This program requires the use of a fully equipped gym but will help achieve fitness goals quicker and in many instances will give the best performance increases!
The final golf program is our "No Equipment Golf Program". This program will be for those who can't make it to the gym, or simply want to work out at home with no equipment required.
All of our Golf Programs will add more distance and more consistency to any golf game!

Week 2 - Day 1 (Monday) of Your ProgramWeek Difficulty: Hard
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Click on an Exercise Name to view a description of that exercise

SelectExercise NameSet and Rep Combinations
Warmup and Stretch
8 minutes 
Straight Arm Back Extension and Squeeze
18 reps,18 reps 
Lying Cross Body Floor Extension
13 reps,13 reps 
Theraband Rotators (all positions)
15 reps,12 reps 
Leg Press (45 Degree)
15 reps @ 310 lbs,15 reps @ 310 lbs,
12 reps @ 280 lbs 
Dumbbell Squat Lunge
15 reps @ 30 lbs,15 reps @ 30 lbs 
Machine Leg Extensions
15 reps @ 80 lbs,15 reps @ 80 lbs 
Machine Leg Curl
15 reps @ 70 lbs,15 reps @ 70 lbs 
Dumbbell Military Press
15 reps @ 30 lbs,15 reps @ 30 lbs,
12 reps @ 25 lbs 
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
15 reps @ 15 lbs,15 reps @ 15 lbs 
Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise
15 reps @ 12 lbs,15 reps @ 12 lbs 
Cable Triceps Pushdown
15 reps @ 65 lbs,15 reps @ 65 lbs 
Standing Toe Press
20 reps @ 95 lbs,15 reps @ 105 lbs 
Barbell Standing Forearm Flexion
15 reps @ 30 lbs,15 reps @ 30 lbs 
Dumbbell Seated Forearm Extension
15 reps @ 5 lbs,15 reps @ 5 lbs 
Bent Leg Knee Ups from Bench
26 reps,26 reps 
Cross Crunches
29 reps,29 reps,
23 reps 
Plate Twists
15 reps @ 15 lbs,15 reps @ 15 lbs 
Med Ball Side Throw (standing)
6 reps,6 reps,
4 reps 

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