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Showing posts with label Abs Agility Balance Box jump Eccentric strength Endurance Leg extensions Olympics Pushups Skiing Speed Split squat Strength Training Speed Training. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Abs Agility Balance Box jump Eccentric strength Endurance Leg extensions Olympics Pushups Skiing Speed Split squat Strength Training Speed Training. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Strength Coach Podcast Featuring: Zach Dechant- Movement Over Maxes- Episode 248

"Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment
Zach Dechant, Senior Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at TCU, author of Movement Over Maxes
We spoke about:
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Pitcher Training
  • 3 Big Mistakes in Programming
  • Conditioning
  • Working with the Overhead Athlete
  • Concepts from his new book Movement Over Maxes

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Strength Coach- 5-6-7-8-9 for Kids?

Michael Boyle - 

5-6-7-8-9 for Kids?

One thing I love about training a broad spectrum of clients and athletes is that I'm always learning.
Just when you think you have all the answers, you realize there are more questions.
One thing that has always been perplexing is how to move kids up in weight while maintaining good technique and avoiding plateaus.
One point I've made consistently over the years is that it's not as simple as the old idea of progressive resistance exercise.
In a collegiate environment you can just throw 5 lbs more on the bar and go for it. It's pretty simple. Five pounds a week can really add up for a college athlete.
But, what do you do with a kid who is bench pressing 45 pounds for 5 reps? Adding 5 lbs here (just a 2.5 on each side) increases the load by about 12% and, really causes a problem.
One solution we've used with good success is 1 ¼ lb Olympic plates. I learned this idea of small increases years ago from writers like Stuart McRobert and, this concept has been really effective.
5-6-7-8-9 For Kids
The 1 ¼ idea is effective but, not foolproof. In training my middle school group I was still experiencing plateaus even with using 1 ¼ lb plates and, was running into issues as dumbbells and kettlebells got larger.
Recently, I found another solution. I know it sounds simple but, instead of increasing weight, we increased reps.
Once one of my “kids” begins to hit a bit of a wall we switch from increasing weight to increasing reps.
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Strength Coach- Recommended Article- Maximal unilateral leg strength correlates with linear sprint and change of direction speed

Anton Arin, Daniel Jansson and Kristian Skarphagen
Somebody sent me this yesterday so, I thought I'd share it.

Join to read the full study here......
It is a constant problem for coaches, fitness coaches and strength and conditioning coaches to select exercises that are best suited for their sports. Earlier research on sports has examined specific qualities in general training and is now progressing towards more complex and sport specific qualities. When training for a specific sport, one of the main tasks is to analyze the specific sport in terms of movement patterns, intensity and which type of strength the sport require. More studies regarding sports specific training are still required. Sport coaches around the world suggest different advice for optimal training for a specific sport and it requires scientific research to confirm or reject the various proposals. Unilateral (one leg) training is gaining popularity in sports. There are few scientific studies made in this field today and there is a need for evaluating different unilateral training, such as intervention studies and correlation studies, to assist sport coaches find exercises with a high transfer value to each sport.
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 Intermittent sports require different activities such as change of direction, forward and backward running and lateral stepping ability. Intermittent sports are often performed unilaterally with the power and force development on one leg at the time, for example in running sports where one leg at the time is producing push-off acceleration force. The authors of this study discovered that, despite the increased interest for sport specific training, research on unilateral resistance training is lacking. We therefore decided to investigate two major and different intermittent sports in Sweden, soccer and ice-hockey, and the transfer value between unilateral leg exercises to CODS and linear sprint.

 This study have been inspiring and challenging for us and hopefully it will contribute to increased knowledge on unilateral training. Along the way, we have had good guidance and this we are grateful for. First of all we would like to thank our participants which made this study possible. We would also like to thank Jonas Enqvist for useful guidance, interesting discussions and the help with the testing equipment. Rolf IdegĂ„rd at Friidrottens Hus for the great hospitality during the testing procedures. Finally we would like to thank our supervisor Phd. Jesper Augustsson for appreciated advice and review of the study. This study was granted by Riksidrottsförbundet (RF)...... Keep reading.....

This is another example of why I always say "read the study".

Although I obviously love the conclusion, what the study doesn't say is that unilateral strength correlates better than bilateral strength. Still great stuff but, we need to make sure we read all the lines while we attempt to read between them.

Page 4 and 5 do present some studies that show that Change of Direction ( COD) does correlate better with unilateral strength than bilateral. This would seem obvious as change of direction relies strongly on unilateral braking/ stopping ability.

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